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Integrate snipMate snippets into SnippetComplete plugin.
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Simple expansions can be done with Vim's built-in abbreviations, but for
form-like text fragments that contain multiple cursor stops or mirrored
replacements of typed text, one needs a plugin like the popular snipMate
(vimscript #2540). As many snippets start simple but are extended later on, it
is useful to have a completion for both abbreviations and snippets, so that
you don't need to remember how the text fragment you want to use is defined.

Apart from the integration with abbreviations, this plugin offers the
following advantages over the CTRL-R <Tab> completion built into snipMate
- Summary rendering of the snippet expansion in the completion popup menu,
  including the number of lines the snippet expands to and the number of
  multi-snips alternatives.
- Preview of the full snippet / all multi-snips (when 'completeopt' contains

This plugin integrates snipMate snippets into the insert mode completion for
Vim abbreviations of the SnippetComplete.vim plugin (vimscript #2926), and
offers an additional completion only for snipMate snippets.

The plugin extends the i_CTRL-X_] completion of Vim insert mode
abbreviations from the SnippetComplete.vim plugin with snippets from
snipMate. Just continue using that as before.
Snippets appear in the completion popup prefixed with "%N", where N is the
number of lines that the snippet expands to. Multi-snips appear as "M*N",
where M is the number of alternatives.

Alternatively, this plugin provides an additional CTRL-X % completion solely
for snipMate snippets, excluding Vim abbreviations.

CTRL-X %                Find matches for snipMate snippets that start with the
                        text in front of the cursor.
                        If no matches were found that way, matches anywhere in
                        the snippet or in the snippet's expanded text will be
                        shown. So if you can't remember the shortcut, but a
                        word fragment from the resulting expansion, just try
                        with that.
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