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Update the 'Last Changed' line in a file
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This plugin updates the 'Last Changed' line in a file. This can be done
automatically if g:TagmaLastAutoUpdate is set. The pattern to search for and
the timestamp format can be set. When making the update :updatejoin can be
used to join the change to the previous change. This allows :undo to undo
both changes. This is controlled by g:TagmaLastUseUndoJoin.

The 'Last Changed' line is matched by a regexp set in
g:TagmaLastSearchRegexp. This allows any desired format to be matched.

The command UpdateLast manually updates the 'Last Changed' line.
This is mapped to <Leader>UL by default. (<Leader> is normally "\")

The commands TagmaLastDisable and TagmaLastEnable disable and
enable automatic updates of the 'Last Changed' line, respectively.

The timestamp that is used is set by g:TagmaLastTimeFormat.
Defaults to "%a %b %d %I:00 %p %Y %Z".
On Windows "%Z" for the time zone defaults to the full name, not the
three letter abbreviation. This is detected and corrected resulting in
time zones always being the three letter abbreviation.
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