A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes.
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1218

Grab the latest dev version from github: https://github.com/scrooloose/nerdcommenter.

The following key mappings are provided by default (there is also a menu
provided that contains menu items corresponding to all the below mappings):

Most of the following mappings are for normal/visual mode only. The
|NERDComInsertComment| mapping is for insert mode only.

,cc |NERDComComment| 
Comments out the current line or text selected in visual mode.

,cn |NERDComNestedComment| 
Same as |NERDComComment| but forces nesting.

,c<space> |NERDComToggleComment| 
Toggles the comment state of the selected line(s). If the topmost selected
line is commented, all selected lines are uncommented and vice versa.

,cm |NERDComMinimalComment| 
Comments the given lines using only one set of multipart delimiters if

,ci |NERDComInvertComment| 
Toggles the comment state of the selected line(s) individually. Each selected
line that is commented is uncommented and vice versa.

,cs |NERDComSexyComment| 
Comments out the selected lines ``sexily''

,cy |NERDComYankComment|
Same as |NERDComComment| except that the commented line(s) are yanked
before commenting.

,c$ |NERDComEOLComment| 
Comments the current line from the cursor to the end of line.

,cA |NERDComAppendComment| 
Adds comment delimiters to the end of line and goes into insert mode between

,cI |NERDComPrependComment| 
Adds comment delimiters to the start of line and goes into insert mode between

Adds comment delimiters at the current cursor position and inserts between.
Disabled by default.

,ca |NERDComAltDelim| 
Switches to the alternative set of delimiters.

,cl OR ,cr OR ,cb |NERDComAlignedComment| 
Same as |NERDComComment| except that the delimiters are aligned down the
left side (,cl), the right side (,cr) or both sides

,cu |NERDComUncommentLine| 
Uncomments the selected line(s).

Filetypes that can be commented by this plugin:
abaqus abc acedb ada ahdl amiga aml ampl ant apache apachestyle asm68k asm asn
aspvbs atlas autohotkey autoit automake ave awk basic b bc bdf bib bindzone bst
btm caos catalog c cfg cg ch changelog cl clean clipper cmake conf config
context cpp crontab cs csc csp css cterm cupl csv cvs dcl debchangelog
debcontrol debsources def diff django docbk dns dosbatch dosini dot dracula dsl
dtd dtml dylan ecd eiffel elf elmfilt erlang eruby eterm expect exports
fetchmail fgl focexec form fortran foxpro fstab fvwm fx gdb gdmo geek
gentoo-package-keywords' gentoo-package-mask' gentoo-package-use' gnuplot gtkrc
haskell hb h help hercules hog html htmldjango htmlos ia64 icon idlang idl
indent inform inittab ishd iss ist jam java javascript jess jgraph jproperties
jproperties jsp kconfig kix kscript lace lex lftp lifelines lilo lisp lite
lotos lout lprolog lscript lss lua lynx m4 mail make maple masm master matlab
mel mf mib mma model moduala.  modula2 modula3 monk mush muttrc named nasm
nastran natural ncf netdict netrw nqc nroff nsis ocaml occam omlet omnimark
openroad opl ora otl ox pascal passwd pcap pccts perl pfmain php phtml pic pike
pilrc pine plaintex plm plsql po postscr pov povini ppd ppwiz procmail progress
prolog psf ptcap python python qf radiance ratpoison r rc readline rebol
registry remind rexx robots rpl rtf ruby sa samba sas sather scheme scilab
screen scsh sdl sed selectbuf sgml sgmldecl sgmllnx sicad simula sinda skill
slang sl slrnrc sm smarty smil smith sml snnsnet snnspat snnsres snobol4 spec
specman spice sql sqlforms sqlj sqr squid st stp strace svn systemverilog tads
taglist tags tak tasm tcl terminfo tex text plaintex texinfo texmf tf tidy tli
trasys tsalt tsscl tssgm uc uil vb verilog verilog_systemverilog vgrindefs vhdl
vim viminfo virata vo_base vrml vsejcl webmacro wget winbatch wml [^w]*sh
wvdial xdefaults xf86conf xhtml xkb xmath xml xmodmap xpm2 xpm xslt yacc yaml