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This plugin improves Vim's support for editing R code and makes it possible to integrate Vim with R. The functionality is similar to what you can find in Tinn-R and ESS mode of Emacs. This filetype plugin uses Tmux (Linux, OS X, or other Unix) or a C library (Microsoft Windows) or Apple Script (Mac OS X) to send commands to R. The communication with R also depends on the R package vimcom.

Screenshots and Debian package:
Comments and general questions:!forum/vim-r-plugin
Development code and bug report:


  * Communication with R.
  * Omni completion (auto-completion) for R objects and function arguments.
  * Ability to see R's documentation in a Vim's buffer.
  * Object Browser.
  * Syntax highlighting for R, RHelp, RMarkdown and RreStructuredText code.
  * Smart indentation for R, RHelp, RMarkdown and RreStructuredText syntax.
  * Most of the plugin's behavior is customizable.

    For a detailed list of features, see: