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Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window)

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Version 24@1

new     : g:ZoomWin_funcref (holds name of function to be called whenever ZoomWin changes state); see :help g:ZoomWin_funcref
improved: supports saving and restoring of window variables across zooms
bugfix  : saves and restores local options for every window
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This is a mirror of

Note: version 23 or later of ZoomWin requires vim 7.2 or later


    Press <c-w>o : the current window zooms into a full screen
    Press <c-w>o again: the previous set of windows is restored


The idea is to make it easy to zoom into and out of a window.  ZoomWin supports normal windows, and it now also supports scratch-windows, no-name windows, and modified-buffer windows.

 * ZoomWin is a 7.2 plugin (as of v23)

 * Files are made hidden during zoom-in and restored upon zoom-out

 * All windows' file contents will be restored during zoomouts. 

 * ZoomWin will clean up any temporary files it generates upon exit.
 * Session files are guaranteed to be unique to each vim session, so multiple vims can use zoom-in/out without interfering with one another

A later version may be available at .

When zooming in, ZoomWin's window is full sized, with no loss of screen space to status lines for other windows, unlike vimscript#1280 (ToggleOnly), for those vims compiled with the +mksession feature.  For those vims without that feature, v21 ZoomWin now supports partial-zoom-in (leaves a status line behind for each window).


Ron Aaron came up with the original ZoomWin and gave permission to have it posted.

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