Use of Clang for completing C and C++
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This is a mirror of

This plugin use clang for accurately completing C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++ code.

You don't need any ctags for it to work! Only clang is needed. Clang version 2.8 or higher is recommended for c++ completion. After a . , -> and :: it is automatically trying to complete the code. If you want to "force" the completion, use <C-X><C-U> which is the mapping for user defined completion. Because clang is parsing your source file, it can detect errors inside your code, and highlight them! Plus it can open the quickfix window automatically.

Since version 1.4, snippets can be used to complete function arguments. It is triggered after a completion, and you can go to the next argument with the <Tab> key in normal mode.

If you've got special flags for a project (especially -I and -D ones), clang may be unable to complete your code. To overcome this limitation put the flags inside the file .clang_complete at the root of your project.

Latest version will always be on github:

Do not hesitate to report bugs or ask for features.

For more information about the configuration, look at the help (:h clang_complete)