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tomtom and vim-scripts Version 0.2
- Loremipsum!: With !, insert inline (single paragraph)
- Loreplace: Replace loremipsum text with something else (provided a marker was defined for the current filetype)
- If the template argument is *, don't apply the default paragraph template.
- g:loremipsum_file, b:loremipsum_file
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autoload Version 0.2 Oct 18, 2010
doc Version 0.2 Oct 18, 2010
plugin Version 0.2 Oct 18, 2010
README Version 0.1: Initial upload Oct 18, 2010


This is a mirror of

Insert a dummy text of a certain length. Actually, the text isn't 
generated but selected from some text. By default, the following text is 
used, which is included in the archive:

NOTE: The webpage didn't contain any copyright message but there is a 
statement that one is allowed to paste the text into "your document". 
I thus assume it's ok to include it in the archive. If not, please let me know.

    Insert some random text.

    Replace the random text with something else or simply remove it.

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