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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3878

This plugin add capability to search in folders via NERDtree. The search use ack.vim from the master branch (http://github.com/mileszs/ack.vim/tree/master).

This is ripped off from "NERDTree & ack" plugin (vimscript #3357) by Tudor Barbu. It just doesn't fit my taste, so, yeah.

## How to Use

1. Open NERDtree
2. Point to a directory
3. Press `ms`
4. Enter search term (e.g. `control\ panel -i`)
5. Profit!

## Features

1. Doesn't change current open buffers! This feature is what necessitate the use of latest ack.vim
2. Uses ack.vim syntax:
    - Use `\ ` to write a space (e.g. `control\ panel`)
    - Or enclose the term in quotes (e.g. `"control panel"`)
    - The default behavior is case sensitive. Use `-i` params for case insensitive (e.g. `"control panel" -i`)
3. Uses ack.vim buffer behavior