PHP syntax file updated for PHP 5.3
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This is an updated version of the php.vim syntax file distributed with VIM. The list of PHP constants, functions, and classes was updated to be current with PHP 5.3. Many new classes were added in the 5.2 branch and the distributed version only covers up to 5.1.4. In addition I simplified the file, removing several sections that are not often used (at least by me) such as automatic folding of all control structures and ASP tags support. I also removed several switches designed for b/c with VIM 5.X and 6.X. As an addition I have included the PHP file I used to generate the constant, function, class list. It uses reflection to mine out these items from your PHP installation and generate part of the php.vim script. Before running open up the file and adjust the output file location and the list of extensions to generate syntax for. Then run "php php_vimgen.php" from your shell.