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This is a mirror of

This plugin contains some basic refactoring commands for C/C++.
For the complexity of C++, instead of really parse the source code, I used 
regular expression matches. But it works well as I tested. 

NOTE: It doesn't work for old style parameter declaratoins! And I admit that it may mess up your code sometime if you occasionally forget the rules. Thanks for the kind man who point out this.

The refactor commands and their default key map currently are:
	1. <A-r>e 	Extract method
	2. <A-r>p 	local variable to Parameter
	3. <A-r>r 	 Rename local variable
	4. <A-r>d 	Delete parameter
	5. <A-r>o 	reOrder parameters
	6. <A-r>c 	introduce Constant

BiDongliang 2007/12/4