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An extensible & universal comment plugin that also handles embedded filetypes
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This is a mirror of

:TComment works like a toggle, i.e., it will comment out text that 
contains uncommented lines, and it will uncomment already 
commented text (i.e. text that contains no uncommented lines).

If the file-type is properly defined, :TComment will figure out which 
comment string to use based on the values of &commentstring or &comments. 
For some filetypes, the comment definition is explicitly defined. You can 
|tcomment#DefineType()| to add your own definitions.

TComment knows how to deal with embedded code of a different filetype 
than the main filetype, e.g., ruby/python/perl regions in vim scripts, HTML or 
JavaScript in php code etc.

As operator (the prefix can be customized via g:tcommentMapLeaderOp1 
and g:tcommentMapLeaderOp2):

    gc{motion}   :: Toggle comments (for small comments within one line 
                    the &filetype_inline style will be used, if 
    gcc          :: Toggle comment for the current line
    gC{motion}   :: Comment region
    gCc          :: Comment the current line

Primary key maps:

    <c-_><c-_>   :: :TComment
    <c-_><space> :: :TComment <QUERY COMMENT-BEGIN ?COMMENT-END>
    <c-_>b       :: :TCommentBlock
    <c-_>a       :: :TCommentAs <QUERY COMMENT TYPE>
    <c-_>n       :: :TCommentAs &filetype <QUERY COUNT>
    <c-_>s       :: :TCommentAs &filetype_<QUERY COMMENT SUBTYPE>
    <c-_>i       :: :TCommentInline
    <c-_>r       :: :TCommentRight
    <c-_>p       :: Comment the current inner paragraph

There is also a secondary set of key maps with <Leader>_ as leader (more 
preferable on terminals).

The full documentation is available here:


Also available via git
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