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This is a tool that makes it easier to track source code changes between two repositories. This tool was originally developed for use by the RobotPy project, and made it easier for me to maintain a python port of various Java libraries.

This tool assumes there is an 'original' git repository, and a 'destination' git repository that is being validated. There is assumed a one to one relationship between various original and destination files. This tool provides quick and easy shortcuts to allow you to record metadata in the destination files that allow you to track changes in the source files:

  • Record which file it comes from
  • Mark the latest manually verified revision in the destination
  • Allow viewing the latest modifications to the source file (if any)
  • Update the revision metadata in the destination file


pip install git-source-track


Create a file called '.gittrack' in the root of the destination git repository that has the following ini-style format:


# Original files
upstream_root = ../path/to/files

# Commit in original repository
upstream_commit = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

# Files that are being validated
validation_root = path/to_files

# (optional) Commits to exclude from git log output
exclude_commits_file = foo/exclude_commits.txt

# (optional) Specify location to place validation line (first or last)
default_location = first

# (optional) Primary branch of upstream repository
upstream_branch = main

Now you can issue git commands and magic will happen!


See the help command for more information.

$ git source-track help

Known issues

  • Tool mostly tested using Python 3, but should work on Python 2
  • Probably won't work on Windows, due to the use of the 'sh' package and because there are dependencies on unix-style tools * May work in Windows 10 posix environment
  • Assumes destination files are python files
  • Emits python style comments on destination files

Pull requests are welcome to fix any of these problems. :)


Dustin Spicuzza (


Helps you tracks source changes between two repositories







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