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This package is a driver for sqlboiler. It requires cgo to build and therefore is not in the main tree.


First install the database/sql sqlite3 driver https://github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3
This requires cgo and the sqlite3 .so/.dll installed. Refer to the installation of the github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 to complete this step.

Installation is simple, just use go get. Once the binary is in your path sqlboiler will be able to use it if you run it with the driver name sqlite3.

# Install sqlboiler sqlite3 driver
go get -u github.com/volatiletech/sqlboiler-sqlite3
# Generate models
sqlboiler sqlite3

It's configuration keys in sqlboiler are simple:

# Absolute path is recommended since the location
# sqlite3 is being run can change.
# For example generation time and model test time.
dbname = "/path/to/file"


This does use go-bindata to embed templates into the binary. You can run go-generate in the driver folder to re-gen the bindata after modifying templates. Other than that go build should be able to be used to build the binary.