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Simple React project for use with VoltBuilder


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React Template

A simple React project for VoltBuilder apps.

VoltBuilder is a build service which generates Android and iOS executables from your React project. There is no need to install Android Studio, Xcode, or to have a Mac.

This project is made using the standard React Tutorial. After the tutorial is complete, you should have a dist folder in your project. Copy the contents of that to the www folder in this project.

You can make native apps from ReactJS projects by doing the same thing.

Make sure the asset URLs in the built index.html file are relative (./<path>) - see the index.html file in the repo.

Feel free to use it as the basis for your project. Consult the Apache Cordova documention for all of the features of Cordova.

How to run

  1. Download the project as a zip file.
  2. Upload to VoltBuilder using the Android option.
  3. Wait about a minute for it to finish.
  4. Install the apk that is returned onto your device.


iOS Signing requires developer specific files. This project just has placeholders for them. You can generate signing files using VoltSigner if you have an Apple Developer account, then add them to this project.

Additional Reading

  1. About config.xml files
  2. About VoltBuilder.json
  3. About Setting up VoltBuilder
  4. All VoltBuilder Documention
  5. All Apache Cordova Documentation
  6. The VoltBuilder website


Simple React project for use with VoltBuilder







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