Wrapper for git-cvsexportcommit and git-cvsimport, which aims to simplify their use. Currently alpha state!
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The git-cvs source code respository can be found here:


There's no installer, but the script is self-contained and just needs to be on
the execution $PATH (as well as git and cvs).

Given a CVS repository at $CVS_ROOT, tracking a module $CVS_MODULE can be done
like this:

 # Create a git repo
 mkdir repo_name
 cd repo_name

 # (Note, there should be no .git directory here already, as this will
 # stop git cvsimport working correctly with the -o option)

 # Initialise git-cvs's config file
 echo cvsroot=$CVS_ROOT      >.git-cvs
 echo cvsmodule=$CVS_MODULE >>.git-cvs

 # Optionally create an authormap for git-cvsimport, e.g.:
 #  echo "$CVSUSER=$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME <$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL>" > $cvs_authors
 # ... and supply the option --author-file $cvs_authors on the first
 # git-cvs pull.
 # git-cvsimport will then copy $cvs_authors into .git/cvs-authors,
 # and use it on subsequent invocations; the original $cvs_authors
 # file can be deleted.
 # See the documentation for git-cvsimport's -A option for more information.

 # Pull gets cvs files using git-cvsimport. (cvsimport will initialise .git
 # and copy any $cvs_authors file specified into it)
 git-cvs pull  # or: git-cvs pull --author-file $cvs_authors

 # hack hack...

 # Push the files back into CVS with git-cvsexportcommit
 # (This pushes the commits master..remotes/cvs/cvshead by default,
 # or cvsworking/NAME..remotes/cvs/NAME for each CVS branch NAME)
 git-cvs push

 # Pull the changes back into remote/cvs/cvshead and
 # (a messy part I've not found a way round yet) throw away our
 # locally merged commits
 git-cvs pull
 git reset --hard remote/cvs/cvshead

 # More hacking...

 # Repeat push/pull steps as needed

Some other points:

 - Changes in CVS get pulled back, including multiple branches.

 - An author-mapping file can be supplied as for cvs-import -A

 - The script creates local CVS working directories
   .git/git-cvs/cvscheckout/NAME, one for each CVS branch NAME.

 - Git's master branch tracks CVS's HEAD branch.

 - A git branch cvsworking/NAME is created to track each CVS branch NAME.

 - Edits in these branches get pushed back to the appropriate CVS branches.

 - Verbose subcommand output currently goes into .git/git-cvs/logs.

 - Invoking git-cvs with no parameters gets information about the options.

 - In an emergency, a list of commit ids can be supplied to git-cvs push.

 - Written in Perl, uses only core modules (tested with v5.8.8)

 - There is a small test suite in t/, run individually or with "prove/*.t"