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Mikrotik RouterOS API

This spark library for working with Mikrotik RouterOS API. The Library is developing from Denis Basta ( routeros_api class and we change it to our core class with name Mapi_Core.

We have been tested with RouterOS version 3 and above


For get documentation about this library please go to

For get spark library update information please go to our site at :

And to know more about Mikrotik RouterOS API Manual you can go to site :


This spark library need minimum requirement for doing well on run.

* CodeIgniter       : version 2.0.3
* PHP               : version 5.2.x and above
* Mikrotik RouterOS : version 3.xx and above


For Install this spark, open your terminal and write down this command

php tools/spark install mikrotik_api -v0.7.0


You need to define your connection and authentication information in config file.
The config file is located in sparks/mikrotik_api/0.7.0/config/mikrotik.php

$config['mikrotik']['host']         = '';
$config['mikrotik']['port']         = '8728';
$config['mikrotik']['username']     = 'admin';
$config['mikrotik']['password']     = '';
$config['mikrotik']['debug']        = FALSE;
$config['mikrotik']['attempts']     = 5;
$config['mikrotik']['delay']        = 2;
$config['mikrotik']['timeout']      = 2;


$config['mikrotik']['host']         = ''; --> ip address or domain of your Mikrotik RouterOS
$config['mikrotik']['port']         = '8728'; --> port of your Mikrotik RouterOS API service 
$config['mikrotik']['username']     = 'admin'; --> username of your Mikrotik RouterOS
$config['mikrotik']['password']     = ''; --> password of your Mikrotik RouterOS 
$config['mikrotik']['debug']        = FALSE; --> if TRUE, the library will write the output of your command
$config['mikrotik']['attempts']     = 5; --> how many times the library will attempt a connection before declare Connection Error
$config['mikrotik']['delay']        = 2; --> how long delay between attempt a new connection
$config['mikrotik']['timeout']      = 2; --> how long the library will declare a timeout when there is no response from Mikrotik RouterOS 


Okey, if you have finished yet to configure, lets try this code

class Test extends CI_Controller {
    function __construct() {

    public function index(){
        $test = $this->mikrotik_api->ip()->address()->get_all_address();



Please send us email when you got bugs or some idea for this spark library * *

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