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@johnsoncodehk johnsoncodehk released this 01 Mar 21:26
· 161 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Hybrid Mode
    • Takeover Mode has been deprecated. The extension now has the same performance as Takeover Mode by default.
    • TypeScript language support has been moved from Vue language server to TypeScript plugin (#3788)
    • Integrated all TypeScript editor features
    • Warn when internal TypeScript extension is disabled or "TypeScript Vue Plugin" extension is installed
    • Migrated to named pipe server using TypeScript LanguageService (#3908, #3916)
    • typescript.tsdk duplicate registration errors are no longer reported
    • language-service: reimplemented component tag semantic tokens in TypeScript plugin (#3915)
    • language-service: reimplemented auto-import patching in TypeScript plugin (#3917)
    • language-service: ensured tsserver readiness when requesting auto insert .value (#3914)
  • Upgraded to Volar 2.0 and 2.1 (#3736, #3906)
    • vscode: extension now compatible with Volar Labs v2
    • vscode: removed volar.format.initialIndent option, replaced with 3 new options:
      • vue.format.template.initialIndent
      • vue.format.script.initialIndent
    • language-server: ignoreTriggerCharacters, reverseConfigFilePriority and fullCompletionList options are no longer supported
  • Supported Component Drag and Drop Import (#3692)
  • tsc: supported vueCompilerOptions.extensions option (#3800)
  • language-core: achieved compatibility with Vue 3.4 type changes (#3860)


  • vscode: prevented reading undefined properties in non-VS Code editors (#3836)
  • vscode: prevented extension activation with TS files
  • vscode: corrected trace server ID
  • language-core: implemented emit codegen for defineModel (#3895)
  • language-core: addressed transition type incompatibility with Vue 2.7.16 (#3882)
  • language-core: excluded vue directive syntax injection in Angular bindings (#3891)
  • component-type-helpers: resolved inference issue for Vue 3.4.20 functional component


  • Renamed "Volar Language Features (Volar)" extension to "Vue - Official"
  • "TypeScript Vue Plugin" extension has been deprecated
  • Relocated source scripts from src to lib (#3913)
  • Replaced typescript/lib/tsserverlibrary imports with typescript
  • language-core: implemented codegen based on Generator (#3778)
  • language-core: generated global types in a single virtual file (#3803)
  • language-core: implemented plugin API v2 (#3918)
  • language-core: ignored nested codeblocks in markdown file (#3839)
  • language-core: removed experimentalAdditionalLanguageModules and deprecated APIs (#3907)
  • language-service: made service plugins independent of project context
  • language-server: volar.config.js is no longer supported
  • component-meta: renamed APIs
  • typescript-plugin: renamed package to @vue/typescript-plugin (#3910)
  • tsc: rewritten based on first-party TS API and no longer relies on TypeScript module (#3795)
  • tsc: deprecated hooks API (#3793)

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