register a custom element with Vue.js.
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Vue.element plugin

Register a real Custom Element using Vue.js.


  • Does not work with Vue 2.0 yet
  • Only works with Vue ^0.11.0
  • The browser must support the Custom Element API (currently Chrome only), or you need to include the Web Components polyfill.


Available through npm, Component, Duo or Bower.

Direct include

If you are using Vue globally, just include vue-element.js and it will automatically install the Vue.element method.


Vue.use(require('vue-element')) // installed
Vue.element('my-element', { /* ... */ })


Usage is the same as Vue.component() - you pass in exactly the same options as if you are defining a Vue component. A few things to note:

  • Nested Vue custom elements are not supported - it is recommended to use Vue's own component system inside a custom element; The custom element interface is intended for inter-op with other libraries (e.g. Polymer).

  • You don't need to manually instantiate a root level Vue instance. Custom Elements get auto-promoted when document.registerElement is called. You can also freely define the element before or after the markup.

  • Real custom elements must contain a hyphen in its tag name. For example, my-element is valid, but myelement is not.

  • You can expose attributes with Vue's props (0.12) or paramAttributes (0.11) option, but you can only pass in literal values (no dynamic bindings). See the example folder to see it in action.

  • By default the element does not use Shadow DOM. If you want to enable Shadow DOM encapsulation, pass in shadow: true in your component options.