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Unexpected "duplicate presence of slot" #7913

Kelin2025 opened this issue Mar 28, 2018 · 9 comments

Unexpected "duplicate presence of slot" #7913

Kelin2025 opened this issue Mar 28, 2018 · 9 comments


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@Kelin2025 Kelin2025 commented Mar 28, 2018



Reproduction link

Steps to reproduce

  1. I created component with scoped slot (AppSwitcher.vue)
  2. Then I use it in another component with their own slot (HelloWorld.vue with slot "subtext")
  3. Add some element to slot (div in App.vue)

What is expected?

It should work without errors

What is actually happening?

Changes in AppSwitcher.vue caus "Duplicate presence of slot "subtext" found in the same render tree" error but there are no duplicates.

Also, adding slot-scope to div in App.vue solves problem and no error there, but why it happens without slot-scope?

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@mbj36 mbj36 commented Mar 28, 2018

Hello @Kelin2025

In v2.5, there was some changes in scoped-slot, you can go through them here -

This might solve your confusion

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@Kelin2025 Kelin2025 commented Mar 28, 2018

Yeah, I know it, but I don't really understand why I get this error, there are no duplicates of slot but only rerender.

@posva posva added the bug label Mar 30, 2018
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@Justineo Justineo commented Apr 2, 2018

It looks like a slot inside a scoped slot is rendered more than once.

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@Kelin2025 Kelin2025 commented Apr 2, 2018

@Justineo it's being re-rendered on changes but it shouldn't cause problems, I think 🤔

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@antoinerey antoinerey commented Apr 12, 2018

My 2 cents.

Here is another reproduction of this issue ( Notice the warning being raised only once the modal is shown more than once.

On the other hand, the JSX version of the same component is not raising any warning (

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@mpbarlow mpbarlow commented May 22, 2018

I'm experiencing the same thing. Anything that triggers a re-render inside the slot-scope causes a warning about duplicate slot presence.

The issue seems to be here on this line here. Once the slots have been rendered once, subsequent executions of that block have slotNodes._rendered as true, presumably from the first render.

I would imagine something should be setting that back to false when a re-render is triggered, but admittedly I know almost nothing about how Vue works under the hood so that's just a wild guess.

This bug seems like an unlikely edge case but it's happened to me a couple of times recently. I'm a big fan of the pattern of writing renderless components that can be paired with concrete implementations, and trying to pass the content from the consumer into the concrete implementation is when this issue is arising.

mpbarlow added a commit to mpbarlow/vue that referenced this issue May 26, 2018

Because slotNodes inside a slot-scope context are already set to _rendered = true after initial
render, the warning for duplicate slot presence always fires when a slot-scope prop change triggers
a re-render. With this change, the compiler tracks whether any slot-scoped elements have been
encountered at the point the slot is compiled. If so, the direct ancestors of the slot are checked
for slot-scope presence, and if found, the warning is supressed. This is admittedly not a perfect
solution, as within a slot-scope context the warning now does not fire even when there _are_
duplicate slots, but I couldn't find a good way to get around that.

fix vuejs#7913
@sodatea sodatea added the has PR label Jun 11, 2018
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@bobliaos bobliaos commented Aug 8, 2018

try this:

    <slot :someprop="value"></slot>


    <template slot-scop="someprop">{{ prop }} ... and do something else</template>

especially when "slot" in "v-for"

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@mikermcneil mikermcneil commented Sep 13, 2018

Note that if you're using Vue.js ≤v2.4.x, then you may see this error if you are trying to use slot-scope (that's what was going on for me).

The solution is to either update Vue.js to ≥2.5 OR use "scope" instead of "slot-scope":


Hope that helps anyone else finding this on google like I did!

PS. If you're using Vue.js ≤v2.4.x, remember that you'll need to use a <template> element -- you can't just put a slot scope boundary on any miscellaneous element until ≥2.5.x. A little real-world example:

      <div class="form-group col-md">
        <label>Autocomplete field 4 (w/ custom search results):</label>
        <autocomplete v-model="autocompleteExampleValue4" action="listGlobalSearchResults" :handle-formatting-response-data="handleFormattingDummySearchResults" placeholder="This one has a custom placeholder too">
          <template slot="search-result-item" scope="slotData"><!-- Note that you can use destructuring here, but it only works in modern browsers -- otherwise you have to define a separate variable -- like scope="slotData" and then use {{}}... (see -->
            <!-- TODO: update to vue ≥ 2.5.0 to allow this slotData thing to be attached w/o using a template element.  Also when we do that, "scope" will become "slot-scope".  See for more info -->

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@vuejs vuejs deleted a comment from yozman Oct 1, 2018
@vuejs vuejs deleted a comment from maoberlehner Oct 1, 2018
@yyx990803 yyx990803 closed this in 530ca1b Dec 2, 2018
f2009 pushed a commit to f2009/vue that referenced this issue Jan 25, 2019
This also removes the restrictions on rendering the same slot multiple

close vuejs#7913
erdong-fe pushed a commit to erdong-fe/vue that referenced this issue May 2, 2020
This also removes the restrictions on rendering the same slot multiple

close vuejs#7913
aJean added a commit to aJean/vue that referenced this issue Aug 19, 2020
This also removes the restrictions on rendering the same slot multiple

close vuejs#7913
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