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Enhanced version of the popular ConnectBot SSH and telnet client

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VX ConnectBot

Copyright (c) 2012 Martin Matuška


VX ConnectBot is an enhanced version of the popular open-source telnet and secure shell (SSH) client ConnectBot.

Features and enhancements

  • based on ConnectBot 1.7.1
  • background file transfer (SCP protocol)
  • screen capture (save a PNG screenshot of the console)
  • character picker dialog (on-screen and hardware SYM keys)
  • single line input (on-screen key)
  • tap-and-hold to toggle full screen mode or change font size
  • tap-and hold on on-screen buttons with various manus
  • ssh-agent from Roberto Tyley
  • X11 forwarding support

New key mappings:

  • ALT + Up Arrow maps to Page Up
  • ALT + Down Arrow maps to Page Down
  • ALT + Left Arrow maps to Home
  • ALT + Right Arrow maps to End
  • ALT + Backspace maps to Insert
  • Search key maps to URL scan

Device Customization

VX ConnectBot aims to provide customizations for Android devices with a physical keyboard. Currently, there are customizations for the following devices:

  • Full hardware keyboard (e.g. external bluetooth keyboard)
  • ASUS Transformer Pad Series Mobile Dock
  • Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-i927)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia pro (MK16i)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro (SK17i)

The following devices with physical keyboards are also reported to work properly:

  • Motorola Droid 4 (XT894)

Individual key mappings can be viewed here


VX ConnectBot is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


VX Connectbot Homepage

VX Connectbot on Android Market


This software is based on ConnectBot

ConnectBot Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Kenny Root, Jeffrey Sharkey

Based in part on the Trilead SSH2 client, provided under a BSD-style license. Copyright (c) 2007 Trilead AG.

Also based on JTA Telnet/SSH client, provided under the GPLv2 license. Copyright (c) Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meiner 1996-2005.

Also based in part on the JSOCKS library, provided under the GNU LGPL license. (c)

Also based in part on JZlib provided under a BSD-style license. Copyright (c) JCraft, Inc., 2000-2004

This software includes modifications from Irssiconnectbot developed by Iiro Uusitalo and Ville Kerminen.

This software includes the ssh-agent service developed by Roberto Tyley.

SCP file transfer support is badsed on modifications by Kartikaya Gupta.

Internal file selection dialog is based on Android File Dialog by Alexander Ponomarev, provided under a BSD-style license.

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