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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Feb 24, 2017

Note: if there aren't any huge issues coming up with this version, it will be the last RC and the next release will not be marked as 'pre-release' anymore.


  • disabling Eos telemetry should now work as expected


  • removed OMDB scraper (doesn't provide game information anymore)
  • removed IGDB scraper (changed their API)
  • removed workaround to get cover arts from NVs GFE service (too many errors)
  • if an error occurs for a certain game with a certain scraper, that scraper is now skipped (the error is still logged, however)


  • using a mouse shouldn't throw a crazy amount of exceptions anymore


  • added a readme section about Eos to clarify what it does and doesn't do
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Feb 12, 2017


  • stale input devices are removed instead of locking users out of Controller Configuration view


  • Eos integration
  • Eos gathers telemetry data, tracks the install base and provides a log / exception handling service for Luna
  • NO personal information (public IP addresses, ...) are gathered
  • if you should NOT be okay with this: you can fully disable it in the settings (even before launching Luna), the setting is called "Enable Telemetry Data via Eos" (under the "Experimental" section)


  • Interface fixes for new OSMC skin / Estuary
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Jan 17, 2017


  • removed restriction for greyed out 'Add Mapping' button
  • this was in place to prevent users from assigning map files to their KB/M, but prevented the functionality for controllers which were set up to work in Kodi
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Dec 23, 2016


  • redesigned game list (looks more like a panel now)
  • this is also more or less the basis to allow switching between multiple view types (list, panel, ...) in the future


  • should fix the SimplePairingManager (binary fallback if no crypto stuff is installed) (#117)


  • redesigned the game information screen to be a bit more beautiful
  • again, this is more of a refactoring to make future work easier
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Dec 22, 2016


  • fixes an issue where the settings screen crashed due to a bad condition and left Kodi unresponsive
  • should resolve an issue where the IP input field (fallback if the DiscoveryAgent can't be loaded) would never show up


  • shows Luna's logo in the game list
  • adds the clock widget to the upper right corner of the main menu and the game list


  • resolves an issue where Luna wouldn't start up properly due to the bootstrapping being incomplete when the first render call was executed
  • adds the default Kodi BusyDialog on startup

Again, thanks for all the feedback you guys gave me over the past week - really appreciate that!

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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Dec 15, 2016

Thank you for all of your feedback over the last week. Special thanks to @A---- who helped a lot tracking down a nasty bug in the DI.


  • fixed storage path creation for clean installations


  • fixed game list

Overall, this should make Luna usable again (and no, I don't sleep).

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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Dec 8, 2016

With over 5k new / changed lines of code, 0.7.0. will be the biggest update for Luna ever since the initial release.

Features include:

  • multi-host support
  • WoL support
  • mDNS host discovery for easier pairing (see readme)
  • completely new UI
  • partial rebuild of the underlying architecture
  • pre/post launch scripts
  • better performance (well, except the very first start ...)

Known issues:

  • some screens aren't completely done
  • current stable version of zeroconf has some issues with handling host names reported by newer GFE versions

You should be able to update from your existing installation without uninstalling. However, you will need to re-pair your host.
If you run into any issues while updating / using it for the first time, please do a clean reinstall of the addon (uninstall it and delete its leftover files in the respective userdata folder)

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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Aug 7, 2016


  • resolves an issue where the handling of unicode characters would prevent Luna from starting and/or listing games in some instances
  • special thanks to @Kampher who tirelessly tried any solution I came up with (as I wasn't able to reproduce this behaviour myself) until it was finally resolved
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Jun 21, 2016

NOTE: There have been some reports with issues regarding this release. If Luna isn't working after upgrading to this version please try 0.6.1. (or don't update to this version in the first place).


  • should resolve an issue where certain special characters (e.g. ™) would cause Luna to crash when trying to pair / list games
  • kudos to @TTherouanne and @CQoute who helped a lot by providing example data and pointing me into the right direction. Cheers!
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@wackerl91 wackerl91 released this Jun 16, 2016


  • resolves an issue when trying to read / dump the uniqueid.dat file, but moonlight cache didn't exist
  • resolves ans issue where the update service would crash when trying to parse latest release information
  • reads the PIN from moonlight's output again (for systems where crypto libraries are not installed) to resolve pairing issues
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