Scale tcl images fast with C packed as a TEA extension
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This tcl extension scales/resizes tcl images with a C routine that is quite fast. The package follows the TEA recommendation, so that it should compile easily under Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The image scaling code is taken from the wiki: Image scaling in C.

Installation OSX and Linux

Open the terminal of your choice and download the repository

git clone

Change your working directory into the package folder

cd tclImageScale

and run


If you get an error then you probably have the wrong default Tcl version (e.g. 8.4, look forwish8.4). The ImageScale extension requires Tcl and Tk version 8.5 or higher. If the ./configure picks up a Tcl build with a lower version then one needs to specify the path to the Tcl and Tk and files (for version 8.5 or 8.6) explicitly. Use locate to find the correct path. For example, in OS X the following configure call might be necessary

./configure --with-tcl=/usr/local/lib/ --with-tk=/usr/local/lib/

You can install the package with

sudo make install

which copies the package to somewhere where tclsh will find the package.

Installation Windows

If you would like to compile the extension with VC++ see the instructions in the file in the win directory. This is currently untested.

Load the Package

In the tcl console of your choice (I recommend tkcon) run

package require ImageScale

which will return the package version.


The ImageScale package provides the image_scale procedure in the imagescale namespace which takes the following 5 arguments

  • srcimg A photo object created with "image create photo"
  • newwidth The new width of the image in pixels
  • newheight The new height of the image in pixels
  • destimage Name for the resulting image
  • alpha Alpha to apply to the image (1 - opaque, 0-clear)

See the image_scale.test file in the tests folder.

More on TEA

I used the sampleextension as a base to make this TEA package. See

git clone
git clone