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This cookbook is meant to build from sources PostgreSQL 9.2+ and install it into /opt/local/postgresql-VERSION folder. It supports multiple co-existing installations of PostgreSQL, and sets up the data directory based on major/minor versions of PG (so /var/pgsql/data92 for Postgres 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 for example).

Additionally, scalability parameters are adjusted to be suitable for high-performance PostgreSQL installation.

Streaming replication is automatically enabled on the master, but wal_segments may need to be increased depending on the write load.


  • Joyent SmartOS


default['postgres']['user']                    = "postgres"
default['postgres']['group']                   = "postgres"
default['postgres']['service']                 = "postgres"

# Start Postgres service on installation
default['postgres']['start_service']           = true

                                               # VERSION_ABBR is the major/minor version, ie 92 for 9.2.1
                                               # Patch version changes in PG are binary swappable
default['postgres']['data_dir']                = "/var/pgsql/data%VERSION_ABBR%"

# Do not use a globally-used directory such as /var/log, as ownership is changed
# to allow writing by the postgres user
default['postgres']['log_file']                = "/var/log/postgres-%VERSION%/stderr.log"
default['postgres']['prefix_dir']              = "/opt/local/postgres-%VERSION%"
default['postgres']['version']                 = "9.2.4"
default['postgres']['remote_tar']              = ""

default['postgres']['client']['install_via']   = 'package'    ## package or source
default['postgres']['client']['version']       = '9.2.4'
default['postgres']['client']['packages']      = %w(postgresql92-client)

default['postgres']['config']['encoding']      = "UTF8"
default['postgres']['config']['locale']        = "en_US.UTF-8"

                                               = "/tmp/pg_stats_temp_directory"

# shared_buffers_mb will be automatically set to 25% of available RAM, up to 8Gb
# unless specified explicitly. cache size is auto-set to 70% of available RAM.
default['postgres']['config']['shared_buffers_mb']            = nil
default['postgres']['config']['effective_cache_size_mb']      = nil
default['postgres']['config']['max_connections']              = 400
default['postgres']['config']['checkpoint_segments']          = 64
default['postgres']['config']['checkpoint_completion_target'] = 0.9

# Change this to a larger value to keep more WAL logs. The number of segments defines
# how far behind a replica can fall and then still catch up to the master. Each segment is 16Mb.
default['postgres']['config']['wal_keep_segments']            = 128

# These below have been tuned for PostgreSQL on Joyent SmartOS
default['postgres']['config']['temp_buffers_mb']              = 8
default['postgres']['config']['work_mem_mb']                  = 8
default['postgres']['config']['maintenance_work_mem_mb']      = 16
default['postgres']['config']['random_page_cost']             = 2.0 # tuned for SmartOS

# -1 disables, otherwise number of milliseconds for slow query log
default['postgres']['config']['log_min_duration_statement_ms'] = 50
default['postgres']['config']['log_destination']               = 'stderr'
# suggested prefix for pgfouine compatibility (not yet verified)
default['postgres']['config']['log_line_prefix']              = ''

# Settings for replicas
default['postgres']['config']['max_standby_streaming_delay']  = '30s'
default['postgres']['config']['hot_standby_feedback_enabled']  = true

default['postgres']['config']['listen_port']                  = 5432

# User either list_addresses (array of IPs) or listen_interfaces, but not both.
default['postgres']['listen_addresses']                  = []
# On multi-homed default SmartOS installs, net0 will be a public IP and net1 will be a private IP
# lo0 will be localhost
default['postgres']['listen_interfaces']                 = ["net1", "lo0"]
default['postgres']['connections']  = {
    "" => "trust"


  • postgres::server - compile PostgreSQL from source
  • postgres::client - install client binaries and libraries


Install/Configures postgresql from sources






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