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Bringing joy to the act of building distributed applications with low boilerplate, secure by default WebAssembly modules. CNCF sandbox application runtime.

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wasmCloud lets you focus on shipping features. Build secure, portable, re-usable components called actors and get rid of the headaches that come from being smothered by boilerplate, dependency hell, tight coupling, and making design decisions mandated by your infrastructure.


  1. wasmCloud wasmCloud Public

    wasmCloud allows for simple, secure, distributed application development using WebAssembly actors and capability providers.

    Rust 1.1k 91

  2. wadm wadm Public

    wasmCloud Application Deployment Manager (wadm): Declarative application deployments for wasmCloud applications.

    Rust 76 16

  3. examples examples Public

    Example actors, capability providers, and other demonstrations

    CSS 122 45

  4. capability-providers capability-providers Public

    wasmCloud official capability providers

    Rust 73 34


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