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Watir is a Ruby browser-driver suitable for apps in any language.
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Watir Classic

Watir Classic is a Watir driver for automating Internet Explorer on Windows.

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Install the gem:

gem install watir-classic

Detailed installation instructions are at


Some examples from

Loading Watir gem to drive Internet Explorer on Windows

require 'watir-classic'

Starting a new browser & going to our site

browser =

Setting a text field

browser.text_field(:name => "entry.0.single").set "Watir"

Setting a multi-line text box

browser.text_field(:name => "entry.1.single").set "I come here from Australia. \n The weather is great here."

Setting and clearing a radio button => "Watir").set => "Watir").clear

Setting and clearing check boxes

browser.checkbox(:value => "Ruby").set
browser.checkbox(:value => "Python").set
browser.checkbox(:value => "Python").clear

Clicking a button

browser.button(:name => "logon").click

Clearing, getting and selecting selection list values

browser.select_list(:name => "entry.6.single").clear
puts browser.select_list(:name => "entry.6.single")
browser.select_list(:name => "entry.6.single").select "Chrome"

Clicking a button

browser.button(:name => "submit").click

Checking for text in a page

puts browser.text.include?("Your response has been recorded.")

Checking the title of a page

puts browser.title == "Thanks!"

Supported Platforms

Watir-Classic is supported on Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.3 and 2.0.0. It should work on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.

Let us know at Watir’s Mailing List or through Issues if there's any problems.

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