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Apropospriate Theme

A colorful, low-contrast, light & dark theme set for Emacs 24.3+. It strives to be pleasant, clean, and consistent, with special focus for the current buffer.

This theme started as a Frakenstein mash-up of base16-eighties-theme and solarized-light themes which I customized heavily, then completely swapped out the color palette based on Google's Material color suggestions.


Install & Usage

The recommended and easiest way to install is through MELPA via package.el:

M-x package-install apropospriate-theme

Or you can always manually download the directory somewhere and add it both load-path and custom-theme-load-path.

Once installed, load either theme variant with M-x load-theme or in your config:

(require 'apropospriate)
(load-theme 'apropospriate-dark t)
;; or
(load-theme 'apropospriate-light t)

use-package style:

(use-package apropospriate-theme
  :ensure t
  (load-theme 'apropospriate-dark t)
  ;; or
  (load-theme 'apropospriate-light t))

Supported Packages

Apropospriate supports all the usual prog-mode derived packages as well as some fun extra stuff:

  • Company Mode
  • Magit 1.x & 2.x
  • Powerline
  • Spaceline
  • Rainbow Delimiters
  • Highlight Blocks Mode
  • Highlight Tail Mode
  • Highlight Indent Guides Mode
  • Highlight Indentation Mode
  • Beacon
  • Flycheck
  • Flycheck Inline
  • Flymake
  • Auto Dim Other Buffers
  • Ace Jump Mode
  • Ace Jump Window
  • Ace Jump Buffer
  • Avy
  • Swoop & Helm Swoop
  • Highlight Symbol Mode
  • Git Gutter
  • Diff Hl (looks best with diff-hl-margin-mode)
  • Pulse
  • Helm
  • Helm CSS SCSS
  • Popup & Pos Tip
  • Evil
  • Tabbar
  • Org Mode
  • Guide Key
  • Which Key
  • Visible Mark
  • ERC
  • ORG
  • Aznu
  • Wgrep
  • Eshell
  • Ansi-Term
  • Neotree
  • Hydra
  • Dired Subtree
  • Dirvish
  • Symbol Overlay
  • Counsel CSS
  • Ivy Posframe
  • Smerge
  • Lsp-mode
  • Lsp-UI-mode
  • Grizzl
  • Hi-Lock
  • Flyspell
  • Display Numbers Line Mode
  • Visual-Regexp
  • Solaire
  • Frog Menu
  • Which Key Posframe
  • Company Posframe
  • Goggles
  • Orderless
  • Corfu
  • Corfu Quick
  • Vertico
  • Ediff
  • Mlscroll
  • Vertico Quick
  • Tab-bar
  • Tab-line
  • VC-Annotate
  • Window Divider Mode
  • Transient
  • Transient Posframe Mode
  • Vertico Posframe Mode
  • Tempel
  • Inf-Ruby
  • EWW
  • SHR
  • Blamer
  • Mini Popup
  • MisTTY


A colorful, low-contrast, light & dark theme set for Emacs with a fun name






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