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ajbogh commented Mar 26, 2014

Cherry-pick commit: ajbogh@cab9299

Git shows 82 commits for some reason, not sure why. Feel free to cherry-pick for safety.

In the above commit I changed the example site layout. The remote videos are laid out on the left in a similar row/column format as before. The subdivide function has been fixed and the remote videos have been muted to prevent echoing in local testing. The audio can be unmuted by right-clicking the video.

The buttons are now on the right with the local video below them. The chat section is below the local video, taking up the remainder of the space. The toggle chat button is removed but it can be added back in at a later date.

Removing a remote video will now cause a subdivide task to execute once more.

The background has been changed to black to bring out more of the video.

Dennis and others added some commits Jul 31, 2012
Dennis Initial commit 6ce5c27
Dennis Mårtensson now giving the socket.io and client fils a3e761f
Dennis Mårtensson new style and fullscreen ca5a103
Dennis Mårtensson git fork and new readme d69cfa1
Dennis Mårtensson remove of script 6d169d5
Dennis Mårtensson fix readme 5733cb9
Dennis Mårtensson added rooms and abstracted away the server code 22e6fc8
Dennis Mårtensson serve client from server automatecly 0e5f6cc
Dennis Mårtensson setup for deployment 5a47c82
Dennis Mårtensson update the readme c3e8821
Dennis Mårtensson remove of unused files 1c2de92
Dennis Mårtensson chanched for localhost use 8230f9b
Dennis Mårtensson new instructions on how to setup in the readme c4d4e8f
Dennis Mårtensson fix the ``` int the readme dbb8a4c
Dennis Mårtensson fix the ``` int the readme 6aa8b56
Dennis Mårtensson fix the ``` int the readme 85749d5
@cavedweller cavedweller add stuff for demo 2ba24fa
Dennis Mårtensson added message if peerconnection is not supported b1b4542
@cavedweller cavedweller make local video mirror ef3087d
@cavedweller cavedweller make local remote video not mirror 824ee97
Dennis Mårtensson chanched to use the new callback API 77d2b73
Dennis Mårtensson update of fork in index 6bfef44
Dennis Mårtensson updated readme 421d599
Dennis Mårtensson add /#1 in the readme links 728098c
Dennis Mårtensson setup for loack use c002a3c
Dennis Mårtensson edited for use with the only websocket part e6cad94
Dennis Mårtensson fix for issue 1 2e20bc7
Dennis Mårtensson remove socket.io dependenc and remove of auto set room 394459a
Dennis Mårtensson added remove of socket.id from room on close d6338f5
@cavedweller cavedweller symlink the clientside code 8feb295
@cavedweller cavedweller update for 0.0.1 release 239f033
@cavedweller cavedweller update for 0.0.1 release 31e6a74
Dennis Mårtensson added chat 226ef3a
Dennis Mårtensson fixed chat repeat 61a0fa1
Dennis Mårtensson clean up some log e7fedbb
Dennis Mårtensson add dependency 7e974e2
@cavedweller cavedweller Merge pull request #2 from webRTC/websocket
Dennis Mårtensson removed nodejitsu thinks c1e2d60
Dennis Mårtensson Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/webRTC/webrtc.io-demo 308684d
@cavedweller cavedweller bump version num and clean up NPM a404d7a
Dennis Mårtensson fix websocket problems with lisen to server effe583
Dennis Mårtensson chance of api fic 04fd812
Dennis Mårtensson fix for ln -s d1ea339
Dennis Mårtensson fix symlink 64b00fe
Dennis Mårtensson add .swp to gitignore 30c1ede
@coderaiser coderaiser added suport of Chrome Version 25.0.1323.0 canary e6bfa10
@cavedweller cavedweller Merge pull request #6 from coderaiser/patch-1
added suport of Chrome Version 25.0.1323.0 canary
@feiyunruyue feiyunruyue Update example/index.html
comment "rtc.attachStream(stream, 'you');"
Dennis Merge pull request #9 from feiyunruyue/master
comment the repeated code
@jbenet jbenet nits whitespace 7a2bd70
@jbenet jbenet use webrtc.io-client directly (symlink was broken) eb46e8d
@jbenet jbenet DataChannel support (with fallback)
This commit adds support for the WebRTC DataChannel API.
If available, it sends all chat messages through DataChannel.
If not, it falls back to using the websocket.
@jbenet jbenet stylefix - removed commas ending hash af0231f
@sarenji sarenji Merge pull request #11 from jbenet/master
DataChannel support
Daniel Kutik Connect WebSocket relative to window.location b1aaef0
Daniel Kutik Updated dependencies from express 2.5.1 to express 3.1.0 66bc37e
Daniel Kutik Small mistake: removed duplicate of 'server =' 2c4fd93
@sarenji sarenji Merge pull request #12 from danielkutik/master
Connect WebSocket relative to window.location
Daniel Kutik variable should be declared 15a7472
@cavedweller cavedweller update demo link ca6e5ba
@cavedweller cavedweller put in actuall link 839208e
@sarenji sarenji Merge pull request #13 from danielkutik/master
variable should be declared
@mattnull mattnull fixed a url fragment issue with web socket url on page load for room …

There is an issue on page load when you have a room hash in the url.
You get a url fragment error and the socket connection does not succeed
@sarenji sarenji Merge pull request #14 from mattnull/master
URL fragment issue
Dennis Mårtensson new demo added and link to the demo page is now correct 7c6f3dd
Dennis Mårtensson remove old version 5b7c8a9
Dennis Mårtensson fix in the readme setup instructions f195d17
Dennis Mårtensson remove google analytics 1967058
@danielkutik danielkutik declared 80bc181
@danielkutik danielkutik Removed unused variable fef6185
@danielkutik danielkutik Server listen port can now be defined in environment variables (usefu…
…l for Heroku, CloudBees, cloud9), fallback to 8080
@sarenji sarenji Merge pull request #18 from danielkutik/master
Listing port defined in env variable
Dennis Mårtensson default port now 8080 cf3214c
Dennis Mårtensson fix the link text to 2e596b2
@danielkutik danielkutik Updated webrtc.io.js 001fe6b
@dennismartensson dennismartensson Merge pull request #19 from danielkutik/master
Updated webrtc.io.js
Dennis Mårtensson now firefox to firefox works. It looks like there is a conection betw…
…een firefox and chrome to but I have not gotten the media to play back. I dont know why the video is not playing back in the video tag... any one please have a look
Dennis Mårtensson fix the problems in the last build 6b0023f
Dennis Mårtensson sorry did miss some of them e40f50e
@dennismartensson dennismartensson add toogle to message and made the video of you smaller 79b1a15
@ajbogh ajbogh Modified website layout and disabled video audio by default to preven…
…t echo during local testing. Videos need a hover control for the audio.
@ajbogh ajbogh Fixed merge conflicts. e78cadc
@ajbogh ajbogh Added a Join Room button instead of the Create Room button and create…
…d a new popup screen for joining existing rooms. Added some code to clean up the room list when someone disconnects from a room. Changed the use of hashtags for joining rooms to query strings to force the browser to make a new connection. subdivideVideos function to properly calculate video sizes given a predetermined aspect ratio (4/3).
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