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PHP SQS Tutorial Demo

For the article please visit:

There is a live demo version of this running at:

To install this demo for your self you will need a PHP web server running PHP 5.3 or later, composer, as well as PHP CLI with access to the imagick extension.


  • Clone this git repo
  • Run composer install
  • Setup config.php with AWS credentials and SQS queue name
  • Run the worker with command: "php -d worker.php"
  • Visit index.php and upload some images.

Quick explanation

For more detail please see my tutorial article linked above, or the file in this repository.

Essentially this is a demo showing a possible usage of SQS within a PHP application and an example implementation of the PHP AWS SDK. The demo involves a web page where a user can upload up to 10 images, which are put into a SQS queue to be watermarked. A separate component of the application is running in the background and watermarks each of these images from the queue. In reality the queue worker component would be running on a/many different servers and the image files would be stored remotely, rather than locally; however, for the sake of this demo, it is all done on the same machine.

Here is a quick breakdown of the important parts of this application:

  • src/Queue.php is the class containing all the logic for communicating with SQS
  • src/Message.php is the class containing the logic involved with the messages themselves and the processing of them
  • index.php is the webpage which images are uploaded to and the results displayed
  • images.php is the API call used by the demo JS for displaying queued and watermarked images
  • worker.php is the queue worker which is run through the PHP CLI and processes the watermarking messages


An example of using SQS with the AWS PHP SDK, from my tutorial article.



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