Gives CMS users the ability to add a new item directly from the GridField DetailForm.
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Adds the ability to create a new gridField item directly from the edit form. Use the 3.0 branch for compatability with SilverStripe 3.0.

Maintainer Contact

Ryan McLaren (Nickname: IOTI) <ryan (at) webbuildersgroup (dot) com>


  • SilverStripe 3.1+

Installation & Documentation

  • Download and copy folder to SilverStripe root directory.
  • Run ?flush=all

By default the "add new" button is added to all detail forms. You can disable this functionality in your config.yml using

   use_data_extension: false

If you instead prefer to add the button manually to a detail form use the addComponent function to add the GridFieldDetailFormAddNew component.

$config = new GridFieldConfig_Base();
$config->addComponent(new GridFieldDetailFormAddNew());

When working with one of the pre-configured GridFieldConfigs you must first remove the default GridFieldDetailForm component and then add the GridFieldDetailFormAddNew component.

$config = new GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor();
$config->addComponent(new GridFieldDetailFormAddNew());