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Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) based IPL replacement modchip for GameCube


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This is a long awaited IPL replacement modchip for Nintendo GameCube. It's open source, cheap and easy to install.

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  • it's open source
  • uses $4 Raspberry Pi Pico board
  • very easy installation, only 5 wires to solder
  • programmable via USB cable, without any drivers and programs
  • automatically boots any DOL app of your choice
  • uses "IPL injection" approach superior to mods like XenoGC

Video guides and features overview

Installation guide

Head over to for Installation guide and Troubleshooting tips.

I appreciate your work. Can I support you in any way?

This project is free and available for everyone. If you want to support it anyway, consider using ❤️ Sponsor button.

Hall of Fame

I'd like to thank people who helped making PicoBoot possible:


Some parts of this project use GPL-2.0 licensed code from: