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The standards-focused HTTP resource toolkit

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  1. webmachine webmachine Public

    A REST-based system for building web applications.

    Erlang 1.5k 281

  2. webmachine-ruby webmachine-ruby Public

    Webmachine, the HTTP toolkit (in Ruby)

    Ruby 850 54

  3. webmachine-rebar3-template webmachine-rebar3-template Public

    Webmachine Template for rebar3

    Erlang 5 8

  4. webmachine-demo webmachine-demo Public

    Webmachine Demo Application

    Erlang 3 5

  5. Public

    The Webmachine website

    CSS 2 3

  6. Resources Resources Public

    Some files that Webmachine users might want to have on hand

    1 2


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