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Wraps a react component in a proxy component to enable Code Splitting.


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Wraps a react component in a proxy component to enable Code Splitting, which loads a react component and its dependencies on demand.


This module requires a minimum of Node v6.9.0 and Webpack v4.0.0.

Getting Started

To begin, you'll need to install react-proxy-loader:

$ npm install react-proxy-loader --save-dev

Then add the loader to your webpack config. For example:

// returns the proxied component, loaded on demand
// webpack creates an additional chunk for this component and its dependencies
const Component = require('react-proxy-loader!./Component');

// returns a mixin for the proxied component
// This allows you to setup rendering for the loading state for the proxy
const ComponentProxyMixin = require('react-proxy-loader!./Component').Mixin;

const ComponentProxy = React.createClass({
	mixins: [ComponentProxyMixin],
	renderUnavailable: function() {
		return <p>Loading...</p>;

Or specify the proxied components in your configuration:

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
	module: {
		loaders: [
			/* ... */
				test: [
					/component\.jsx$/, // select component by RegExp
					/\.async\.jsx$/, // select component by extension
					"/abs/path/to/component.jsx" // absolute path to component
				loader: "react-proxy-loader"

Or provide a chunk name within a name query parameter:

var Component = require("react-proxy-loader?name=chunkName!./Component");

And run webpack via your preferred method.