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[CURRENTLY UNMAINTAINED] Enhance the require function in node.js with support for loaders which preprocess files. This is a standalone polyfill for features of webpack.
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More features for node.js require.

Asynchron require functions are really async. They do not use the sync node.js require, but use a async resolving and async readFile.

Create a enhanced require function

var myRequire = require("enhanced-require")(module, {
    // options
    recursive: true // enable for all modules recursivly
    // This replaces the original require function in loaded modules

// startup your application


Than you can use them:

// use loaders
var fileContent = require("raw!"+__filename);

// use loaders automatically
var template = require("./my-template.jade");

var html = template({content: fileContent});

// use require.context
var directoryRequire = require.context("raw!./subdir");
var txtFile = directoryRequire("./aFile.txt");

// use require.ensure
require.ensure(["./someFile.js"], function(require) {
    var someFile = require("./someFile.js");

// use AMD define
require.define(["./aDep"], function(aDep) {;

// use AMD require
require(["./bDep"], function(bDep) {

Hot Code Replacement

require("enhanced-require")(module, {
    recursive: true, // enable for all modules
    hot: true, // enable hot code replacement
    watch: true // watch for changes

For hot code reloading you need to follow the hot code reloading spec.


var er = require("enhanced-require");
it("should read the config option", function(done) {
    var subject = er(module, {
        recursive: true,
        substitutions: {
            // specify the exports of a module directly
            "../lib/config.json": {
                "test-option": { value: 1234 }
        substitutionFactories: {
            // specify lazy generated exports of a module
            "../lib/otherConfig.json": function(require) {
                // export the same object as "config.json"
                return require("../lib/config.json");

    var result = subject.getConfigOption("test-option");
    should.exist(result);{ value: 1234 });


    recursive: false,
    // replace require function in required modules with enhanced require method

    resolve: {
        // ...
        // see enhanced-resolve

    substitutions: {},
    substitutionFactories: {},
    // See above
    // Replace modules with mocks
    // keys are resolved and have to exist

    amd: {},
    // The require.amd object

    enhanced: {},
    // The require.enhanced object

    loader: {},
    // additional stuff in the loaderContext

    hot: false,
    // enable hot code replacement

    watch: false,
    // Watch for file changes and issue hot replacement

    watchDelay: 400,
    // Time to summarize changes for watching

Future Plans

  • cli tool


Copyright (c) 2012 Tobias Koppers


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