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rishabh3112 and dhruvdutt docs: init documentaion (#547)
* docs: init documentaion

Add setup walk through and add usage description

* docs: init documentaion

Add setup walk through and add usage description

* docs: init documentation

Help Needed: setting up webpack-cli globally

* docs: init documentaion

Add Property/keys section under each question and other minor changes

* docs: init documentation

Change -D flag to --save-dev flag
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Webpack CLI

Webpack CLI encapsulates all code related to CLI handling. It captures options and sends them to webpack compiler. You can also find functionality for initializing a project and migrating between versions.

Migration from webpack v1 to v2

The migrate feature eases the transition from version 1 to version 2. migrate also allows users to switch to the new version of webpack without having to extensively refactor.

webpack-cli migrate <config>

Read more about migrating

Creating new webpack projects

The init feature allows users to get started with webpack, fast. Through scaffolding, people can create their own configuration in order to faster initialize new projects for various of use cases.

webpack-cli init webpack-scaffold-<package>

Read more about scaffolding

Contributing and Internal Documentation

The webpack family welcomes any contributor, small or big. We are happy to elaborate, guide you through the source code and find issues you might want to work on! To get started have a look at our documentation on contributing, or our Internal Documentation