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RDFa API Prototype

See the initial documentation for full details, and some examples.


  • RDFa API - Implementation of the RDF Interfaces
  • RDFa API - Implementation of the Data Interfaces
  • Parsers & Processors
    • NTriples
    • Turtle
    • RDF/XML
  • Serializers
    • NTriples
    • Turtle (pretty-print)
  • Query Languages
    • RDF Selectors
  • Light-weight wrapper API
  • Filter library
  • ECMAScript V5 compatibility, fast Hash class

Extra Features

  • Full CURIE, IRI, URI support with resolution, RFC compliant.
  • Preloaded CURIE map with over 100 common prefixes.
  • Optimized lightweight (indexed) Graph implementation.
  • XHR & CORS Support with full content negotiation and auto-selection (and proxy support).
  • Aligned with ECMAScript V5 to give forEach, filter, map/reduce for Graphs
  • Quantification (universal/existential), smushing, singlification and reference replacement
  • Automatic type conversion of js native types & CURIEs

Coming Soon

  • RDFa 1 and 1.1 Parser/Processor
  • RDFa API Document Extentions
  • JSON-LD, RDF+JSON and JSN3 Parsers/Processors/Serializers
  • Full node.js compatibility (currently RDF/XML parser doesn't work in node)
  • WebSockets Triple Streams (Server & Client)
  • Triple and Graph Stores
  • Ontology awareness, inference, smushing (partially supported already) and reasoning
  • Optional data validation and type conversion based on range/domain and owl:Restriction
  • ACL and WebID Protocol extensions
  • Live SPARQL (follows it's nose over the web of data) and in-memory variant
  • RDF Diff & Merge (n3 style)
  • Full N3 and Amord in RDF Support
  • Native K/V Objects per Subject
  • Propert Hooks

(list is in no particular order, half of the items are already wip or prototyped)