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What is it?

A lightweight java-client-library for using our business platform services. Reduces the complexity of network-communication between client and business- platform-server, to help business-customer save time and money for focusing on their strength.


The following requirements exist for running BP-SDK:

  • Java Compiler:

    A fully compliant Java 1.6 (or later) Development Kit is required for the BP-SDK to be compiled and executed.

  • slf4j-API:

    The version which should be used is 1.6.x. Slf4j serves as simple logging facade for various logging frameworks. More information how to use slf4j can be found at It should be noted that without an additional library, that include a slf4j-binding for e.g. log4j, logging won't work. The api can be found at lib/.

  • gson

    The version that should be used is 2.2.x. Google gson serves as simple Object-to-JSON- Serializer. More information on gson can be found at The library can be found at lib/.

  • businessapi-client

    Is used for the synchronisation between server and client-sdk. The library can be found at lib/.

Installation Instructions

Include the mentioned dependencies of the requirement into the classpath (don't forget to also include the BusinessSMSClient-x.x.x.jar found at dist/). There are multiple ways for calling the SDK. Some are explained at the tutorial-section (docs/howto/).

Running Examples

The SDK is not a standalone java-application it needs at least a main-method for working. Examples for running the BP-SDK can be found at /docs/howto/.

The Latest Version

  • Version 1.0.3: Removes output of request to System.out
  • Version 1.0.2: Fix problem with credentials when using constructor with readTimeout.
  • Version 1.0.1: Fix problem with non-UTF8 environments.
  • Version 1.0.0: Basic text- and binary-sms-sending.


The documentation available as of the date of this release is also included, in HTML format, in the docs/apidocs/ directory, and it may be browsed starting from the file called index.html.


Sebastian Wilhelm


For any further questions into detail the contact-email is


A lightweight java-client-library for using services.




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