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Setup activities for the FabUQCampaign tutorials

This document describes what you need to do to set up all the software required for the FabUQCampaign tutorials of the advection-diffusion equation and 2D ocean model.


To perform the tutorials, you will require

Below you can find installation instructions for each of these packages.

Installing EasyVVUQ

EasyVVUQ can be installed either via pip3 install easyvvuq, or manually from the source:

git clone
cd EasyVVUQ/
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 install

For more details, see

Installing FabSim3

To install FabSim3, you need to install dependencies and clone the FabSim3 repository.
For detailed installation instructions, see

git clone

We will assume that you will install FabSim3 in a directory called (FabSim3 Home), e.g. ~/FabSim3/.

NOTE: Please make sure both machines.yml and machines_user.yml are configured correctly based on the installation guide.

Once you have installed FabSim3, you can install FabUQCampaign by typing:

fabsim localhost install_plugin:FabUQCampaign

The FabUQCampaign plugin will appear in ~/FabSim3/plugins/FabUQCampaign.

2. Main tutorial

Once you have completed these tasks, you can do the advection-diffusion tutorial at: