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** Note: GitHub has decided to discontinue the downloads **

This is a script which can upload files to github from the commandline.


First you need to get a oauth token. The token must include either the repo or public_repo scope.

curl -X POST -u <github user>:<github password> \
  -d '{"note":"file upload script","scopes":["repo"]}' \

Copy the token from the response and put it into your git config file:

 git config --global github.upload-script-token <the token from the response>


github-upload.rb <file-name> [<repository>]

The repository parameter is optional. If one is not provided, if inside of a git repository, it will default to the remote named origin. If provided, the parameter should be in the format <github user>/<repo>.


./github-upload.rb bin/sample-app.jar wereHamster/ghup