Grendel is a RESTful web service which allows for the secure storage of users' documents.

Updated Mar 26, 2016

Python 75 28


Python utility that canonicalizes various financial data file formats to OFX 2, which is an XML format and hence a lot easier for other code to deal with. It recognizes OFX 1.x, OFX 2.x, QFX, QIF, and OFC.

Updated Jan 31, 2016

New landing page

Updated Oct 29, 2015


The transaction and analytics engine powering much of Wesabe.

Updated Jul 7, 2014


The main front-end Rails app for Mesabe.

Updated Jul 7, 2014

Shell 19 8


Tools for managing remote git repositories.

Updated Jun 15, 2012

JavaScript 259 52


Server-Side Uploader, the data aggregation engine.

Updated May 8, 2012

Java 9 5


Bouncer is an authenticating reverse proxy for Wesabe applications with aspirations to be a web application firewall.

Updated Dec 17, 2011

Java 2 4


A collection of servlet-oriented classes to secure web applications.

Updated Dec 17, 2011


Basic module for configuring apache via puppet. Debian/Ubuntu-specific at the moment, but patches are welcome.

Updated Oct 12, 2011


Wesabe's Campfire bot framework

Updated Mar 12, 2011


Command-line client for OFX requests ("Lynx for OFX").

Updated Jan 1, 2011

Java 3 7


Because XML is too bulky and JSON has crappy library support.

Updated Aug 18, 2010


forked from ilozka/git-commit-notifier

Sends HTML email commit messages splitting commits that were pushed in one step. Changes are highlighted per word.

Updated Aug 14, 2010


The private version of Wesabe you can run on your own computer. See the wiki for install instructions.

Updated Jul 29, 2010

Ruby 8 9


Grendel is a RESTful web service which allows for the secure storage of users' documents. Grendel-Ruby provides a Ruby API for Grendel.

Updated May 12, 2010


Deploy scripting with Thor using remote Ruby execution

Updated May 4, 2010


Wraps communication with the Wesabe API

Updated Jan 19, 2010

Ruby 2 3


Deployment for Robot Army for projects using a git repository.

Updated Sep 23, 2009

Java 2 4


The goal of JsTestDriver is to build a JavaScript test runner which easily integrates with continuous builds systems and allows running tests on multiple browsers quickly to ease TDD style development.

Updated Jun 9, 2009