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Eastern Invasion #4145

jostephd opened this issue Jul 1, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented Jul 1, 2019

  • S4c: The custom tod schedule should be mentioned in dialog or in a [note] in the objectives

  • S4c: In the new map there's a huge luck element about where the Paladin gets placed. The southwestern location is much easier to rescue than the southeastern location.

  • S4c: the Death Knight has a 20-hex keep but recruits up to 6 units per turn despite having money for more. That doesn't make any sense in-world.

  • S7a: hide_unit should be replaced with invisibility: #1357 (comment)

  • S7a: side 2 should be hidden until it arrives.

  • S7a: when Grug joins the party, there should be dialog or a narrator message informing the player that two more Ogres were added to the recall list as well

  • Bone Knight has no attack icon for the "trample" attack

  • Orcish Nightslayer has no attack icon for the "kick" attack

  • S8: has carryover_percentage=40, is that right? It means players who play S7a and don't get Grug pay the carryover tax twice, once at end of S7a and once at end of S8.

    I tested with :debug. If I win S7a with Grug I get Grug, two quick resilient Ogres, and 119GP carried over to S9. If I win S7a without Grug and play S8, I five Ogres (one quick) and 66GP carried over to S9. In S8 I flagged only one of the three villages but that wouldn't have made a big difference.

  • S7a: Grug doesn't get upkeep="loyal" when he joins the party - #4137

  • S10: if at turn 1 you set "Delay Shroud Updates" and recall a cavalry unit, you can't undo the recall. The event where Dacyn warns the player not to recall cavalry needs [allow_undo]. (It would be nice if the engine did this automatically, for every event that displays messages and signposts and so on but doesn't use randomness or ask for input)

  • S10: the feedback thread and walkthrough are full of people saying they had to restart the scenario and play it already knowing where the enemy keeps are. Maybe change shroud to fog? That also makes sense in-universe since Dacyn knows the territory.

  • S17a: The objective is "Defeat Mal-Ravanal while Dacyn is nearby" but "nearby" should be explained

  • S7b dialog: "Creatures from the deep, I summon thee to destroy this foe!" - thee is singular

  • S3,S9: maybe review the last breath/die dialogs?

  • S11 start dialog: maybe review the start dialog?

  • S10: It's not clear where the stronghold is. Some dialog upon seeing the stronghold, and/or a map label "Stronghold" on the stronghold's keep, might help.

  • S11: Maybe give Gweddry and Owaec red team color in their sprite even while they're side 3 (like Grug and Dacyn in previous scenarios).

  • S11: The "Retrieve the stolen gold" and "Release the remaining prisoners" objectives should be presented as optional objectives, shouldn't they?

  • S11: when the cells are opened, it can be impossible to maneuver Owaec into a position where the AI has 0% to kill him on the same turn. In my case I had only two Cavalrymen in the eastern cell and Owaec was lvl2 about to advance to lvl3:

  • Maybe add a narrator warning "Some scenarios in this campaign are not expected to be winnable on the first time through"?

  • Maybe reclassify the highest difficulty level as "Difficult" or "Nightmare" instead of just "Challenging"?

@jostephd jostephd added the Campaign label Jul 1, 2019

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