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SweRV RISC-V CoreTM 1.1 from Western Digital

This repository is deprecated. Please use the CHIPS Alliance repository.

This repository contains the SweRV CoreTM version 1.1 design RTL. This is a mirror repository. The main repository is in the CHIPS Alliance github page. Version 1.0 can be found in branch 1.0.


By contributing to this project, you agree that your contribution is governed by Apache-2.0.
Files under the tools directory may be available under a different license. Please review individual file for details.

Directory Structure

├── configs                 # Configurations Dir
│   └── snapshots           # Where generated configuration files are created
├── design                  # Design root dir
│   ├── dbg                 #   Debugger
│   ├── dec                 #   Decode, Registers and Exceptions
│   ├── dmi                 #   DMI block
│   ├── exu                 #   EXU (ALU/MUL/DIV)
│   ├── ifu                 #   Fetch & Branch Prediction
│   ├── include             
│   ├── lib
│   └── lsu                 #   Load/Store
├── docs
├── tools                   # Scripts/Makefiles
└── testbench               # (Very) simple testbench
    ├── asm                 #   Example assembly files
    └── hex                 #   Canned demo hex files


  • Verilator (3.926 or later) must be installed on the system
  • If adding/removing instructions, espresso must be installed (used by tools/coredecode)

Quickstart guide

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Setup RV_ROOT to point to the path in your local filesystem
  3. Determine your configuration {optional}
  4. Run make with tools/Makefile

Release Notes for this version

Please see release notes for changes and bug fixes in this version of SweRV


SweRV can be configured by running the $RV_ROOT/configs/swerv.config script:

% $RV_ROOT/configs/swerv.config -h for detailed help options

For example to build with a DCCM of size 64 :

% $RV_ROOT/configs/swerv.config -dccm_size=64

This will update the default snapshot in $RV_ROOT/configs/snapshots/default/ with parameters for a 64K DCCM.

Add -snapshot=dccm64, for example, if you wish to name your build snapshot dccm64 and refer to it during the build.

This script derives the following consistent set of include files :

├── common_defines.vh                       # `defines for testbench or design
├── defines.h                               # #defines for C/assembly headers
├── pd_defines.vh                           # `defines for physical design
├──                         # Perl %configs hash for scripting
├──            # Unrolled verilog based on PIC size
├── pic_map_auto.h                          # PIC memory map based on configure size
└── whisper.json                            # JSON file for swerv-iss

Building a model

  1. Set the RV_ROOT environment variable to the root of the SweRV directory structure

    RV_ROOT = /path/to/swerv
    export RV_ROOT

  2. Create your configuration

    (Skip if default is sufficient)
    (Name your snapshot to distinguish it from the default. Without an explicit name, it will update/override the default snapshot)
    $RV_ROOT/configs/swerv.config [configuration options..] -snapshot=mybuild

    Snapshots are placed in $RV_ROOT/configs/snapshots/<snapshot name>/ directory

  3. Build with verilator:

    make -f $RV_ROOT/tools/Makefile verilator [snapshot=name]

This will create and populate the verilator obj_dir/ in the current work dir.

Other targets supported:

vcs  (Synopsys)  
irun (Cadence)  

Running a simple Hello World program (verilator)

RV_ROOT = /path/to/swerv
export RV_ROOT

make -f $RV_ROOT/tools/Makefile verilator-run

This will build a verilator model of SweRV with AHB-lite bus, and execute a short sequence of instructions that writes out "HELLO WORLD" to the bus.

You can re-execute using


Start of sim

Hello World from SweRV @WDC !!

Finished : minstret = 389, mcycle = 1658

End of sim

A vcd file sim.vcd is created which can be browsed by gtkwave or similar waveform viewers. trace_port.csv contains a log of the trace port.

The Makefile allows you to specify different assembly files from command line

make -f $RV_ROOT/tools/Makefile verilator-run ASM_TEST=my_hellow_world.s ASM_TEST_DIR=/path/to/dir

If you change only the assembly files, you do not need to rebuild verilator, just specify the target as program.hex :

make -f $RV_ROOT/tools/Makefile program.hex ASM_TEST=my_hello_world.s ASM_TEST_DIR=/path/to/dir

Western Digital, the Western Digital logo, G-Technology, SanDisk, Tegile, Upthere, WD, SweRV Core, SweRV ISS, and OmniXtend are registered trademarks or trademarks of Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates in the US and/or other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.