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Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. @domenic
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @domenic

    Add module workers

    domenic committed
    Closes #550. The Worker and SharedWorker constructors now get an options
    object, which can be specified as { type: "module", credentials }, where
    credentials specifies the credentials mode used for the initial fetch
    and for subsequent imports. (This only applies to module workers; in
    the future we could extend it to classic workers if we wished.)
    importScripts will always throw a TypeError in modules, per discussion
    in the pull request.
    The module fetching and execution machinery is entirely reused from that
    for <script type="module">. This also refactors the machinery for
    fetching a classic worker script out into its own sub-algorithm of the
    "Fetching scripts" section.
  2. @annevk

    Revamp the way document.domain is defined

    annevk committed
    This fixes #670 by no longer special casing IPv6. And rather than
    mentioning IPv4 and IPv6 directly, we instead rely on the domain
    It changes the definition of document.domain to rely on an internal
    slot rather than somehow changing itself.
    It makes use of the host parser rather than “domain to ASCII” which is
    way too low-level to be used here.
    Potential follow up here is when “registrable domain” gets defined as
    per whatwg/url#72 so we no longer have to rely
    on Public Suffix directly.
  3. @cvrebert @domenic

    Update calendar microformat for iCalendar changes

    cvrebert committed with domenic
    RFC 2445 was obsoleted by RFC 5545. The following changes impact HTML's
    vEvent microformat:
    Only 1 rrule is allowed per vEvent:
    > A.1.  New Restrictions
    > [...]
    > 2.  The "RRULE" property SHOULD NOT occur more than once in a
    - exrule is no longer allowed
    > A.3.  Deprecated Features
    > 1.  The "EXRULE" property can no longer be specified in a component.
    PR: #399
  4. @zcorpan @annevk

    Clarify where to do `git reset --hard`

    zcorpan committed with annevk
    Accidentally resetting in the `master` branch could be annoying.
  5. @zcorpan

    Fix a markup error (multiple <dfn>s)

    zcorpan committed
    The following commit introduced a markup error that prevented building:
  6. @Ritsyy @zcorpan
  7. @domenic @zcorpan

    Fix #683: stop defining input and change events twice

    domenic committed with zcorpan
    Previously <textarea> and <select> used a different definition for the
    input and change events than <input> did. This was especially confusing
    in the appendix.
  8. @annevk

    Update integration with Encoding Standard

    annevk committed
    This changes a number of things:
    * Corrects casing of encodings to align with the Encoding Standard.
    * Cross-references all mentioned encodings.
    * Normative: When encoding we no longer replace UTF-16 by UTF-8, but use “get an output encoding”
      instead, which does the correct thing for “replacement” and makes this kind of handling
    * Removes the changing of UTF-16 to UTF-8 for URLs since the URL Standard handles that now.
    * Normative: Centralizes encoding lookup for forms. This also fixes text/plain in the process, where
      the previous wording didn’t make sense.
    * Normative: Removes the bogus “best of the set” algorithm for accept-charset, which no browser
    * Fixes the placement of "?" from the previous commit.
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. @MichaelKohler @annevk
  2. @domenic @annevk

    Allow not rendering nested browsing contexts

    domenic committed with annevk
    This change allows user agents to skip the "update the rendering" steps,
    not just for top-level browsing contexts, but also for individual nested
    browsing contexts within the top-level one. Chrome intends to experiment
    with this for third-party iframes outside the browser's viewport.
Commits on Feb 10, 2016
  1. @annevk @domenic

    Fix #568: avoid setting the url for blob URLs only

    annevk committed with domenic
    This hopefully makes it a little clearer what scenarios have observable
    side effects.
  2. @annevk

    URLs are parsed and produce records

    annevk committed
    No platinum yet, but this changes a lot and not all changes were done
    manually so review is appreciated.
    This commit changes the following:
    * Parsed URLs are now URL records.
    * Resolve a URL is now parse a URL.
    * Resolve a URL returns a resulting URL string and a resulting URL
      record now.
    * Resolve a URL takes a document or environment settings object now
      rather than an element or base URL.
    This should resolve this bug and issue:
    * #532
    There is room for future cleanup:
    * Stop using the “resulting URL string” and “resulting URL record”
      concepts in most scenarios. Assigning the result to a variable is
    * Figure out if more places ought to invoke the URL parser directly (in
      particular standalone APIs where we want to use UTF-8 as encoding
      rather than defaulting.)
  3. @Ritsyy
  4. @annevk
  5. @annevk

    Use "bitrate" consistently

    annevk committed
  6. @domenic @annevk

    Use new "document's browsing context" concept everywhere

    domenic committed with annevk
    a398377 formalized the concept of
    "document's browsing context", but left most places that reference it as
    simple links to "browsing context". This commit is the result of
    auditing all "browsing context" references and pointing those that are
    specific to a document to the new "document's browsing context" concept.
Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @domenic

    Update the MIMESNIFF references and definitions a bit

    domenic committed
    - Remove the reference to the term "sniffed media type" which no
      longer exists.
    - Change the definition to be for "computed MIME type" of a resource
      instead of "computed type of a resource", to match usages.
    - Refer to MIMESNIFF as "the WHATWG Mime Sniffing standard", to match
      other references to WHATWG standards.
    - Add data-noexport to definitions to make Tab happy.
  2. @Ritsyy @domenic

    Replace sniffed MIME type with computed MIME type

    Ritsyy committed with domenic
    As in whatwg/mimesniff@ced82b8, sniffed MIME type has been renamed to computed MIME type for clarity.
    PR: #614
  3. @Ritsyy @foolip

    Convert ref to use HTTPS

    Ritsyy committed with foolip
    Part of #585.
    PR: #664
  4. @annevk

    Let the Encoding standard deal with the BOM

    annevk committed
    The Encoding standard has a decode algorithm that lets the BOM override
    any input encoding and also skips the BOM. These are the semantics
    shared by a variety of formats, including text/html.
    With this change HTML hooks into that directly rather than duplicating
    the prose.
    Fixes part of #657.
  5. @annevk

    Remove allow non-ASCII-compatible encodings flag

    annevk committed
    It was never set. This change also makes text/plain form submission use
    the encode hook from the Encoding standard. (I did not change
    application/x-www-form-urlencoded as that should be removed in favor of
    the URL standard.)
  6. @annevk

    Use utf-8 decode without BOM rather than UTF-8 decoder

    annevk committed
    This allows us to remove “decoder error” as one of the terms supposedly
    used from the URL Standard while all the surrounding hooks are from the
    Encoding Standard.
Commits on Feb 8, 2016
  1. @Ms2ger @domenic

    Clarify the definition of window.frameElement

    Ms2ger committed with domenic
    Note that the previous definition used the undefined variable 'b'.
    This commit also formally defines the concept of a Document's browsing
    context, which was previously defined mostly by hand-waving. It does not
    update all possible references to the concept.
    PR: #651
  2. @foolip @domenic

    Fix validation errors and warnings

    foolip committed with domenic revealed the following:
     * </li> closed too early in internal pause steps
     * `"` in source become `&quot;` which is "not a URL code point"
     * colspan too large triggered a cascade of warnings
  3. @Ritsyy @domenic

    Clarify spellchecking state descriptions

    Ritsyy committed with domenic
    Fixes #615.
    PR: #647
  4. @foolip
  5. @pra85 @foolip

    Fix typo: add missing `be`

    pra85 committed with foolip
    PR: #645
Commits on Feb 7, 2016
  1. @foolip
  2. @foolip

    Link to the correct "Text" from the time element

    foolip committed
    The content model, not the node type. There do not appear to be any more
    instances of this mistake in an ad-hoc survey of the elements.
    Found thanks to @momdo's question in this area:
    #636 (comment)
  3. @foolip

    Remove an extra "layer" (typo)

    foolip committed
    Found by @pra85 in w3c/html#67
    Ack in ee9cb21.
    "a async" already fixed in cd1a9fb.
Commits on Feb 6, 2016
  1. @foolip
Commits on Feb 5, 2016
  1. @foolip

    Switch to for CSS and logo

    foolip committed
    CSS was added in whatwg/
    This also switches to the SVG logo, and changes the size to 100x100 to
    match that. This works in all tested browsers (Chrome, IE11, Edge,
    Firefox, Opera, Safari) and looks nicer on a hi-DPI screen.
  2. @Ritsyy @foolip

    Clarify that the HTML fragment serialisation algorithm does not throw

    Ritsyy committed with foolip
    The part of the algorithm that could throw was commented out in commit
    PR: #631
  3. @takenspc @foolip

    Change the content model of img element to normative "Nothing" from "…

    takenspc committed with foolip
    The current content model of img element is "Empty"
    > Content model:
    > Empty.
    However, there is no "Empty" content model in 3.2.4 Content models.
    Other elements such as input element use "Nothing".
    > Content model:
    > Nothing.
    This PR makes the content model of img element be "Nothing".
    PR: #629
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