Commits on Feb 21, 2018
  1. Editorial: add a definition for canvas width/height numeric values

    GloverDonovan authored and domenic committed Feb 21, 2018
    Previously, this concept was informally defined and referred to. Now it
    is properly defined with a <dfn>, and cross-referenced.
    Fixes #2066.
Commits on Feb 20, 2018
Commits on Feb 19, 2018
Commits on Feb 16, 2018
  1. Editorial: update usage of the MIME Sniffing Standard

    domenic committed Feb 16, 2018
    This follows whatwg/mimesniff#58 by referencing
    the definitions for JavaScript and JSON MIME type that now live in MIME
    Sniffing. It also follows whatwg/mimesniff#36 by
    using the terms "valid MIME type string" and "valid MIME type string
    without parameters" instead of their non-string counterparts that
    previously appeared. Finally, it updates the terms "explicitly supported
    XML/JSON type" to include the word "MIME", like other MIME type group
    definitions now do.
  2. Remove history.index

    domenic committed Feb 7, 2018
    This reverts f8e293f. Although there
    was multi-implementer interest at the time, implementations have not
    materialized, and Gecko has objected in #2985 that they are not able to
    implement in their architecture.
Commits on Feb 14, 2018
  1. Update customized built-in elements is="" interaction

    domenic committed Feb 14, 2018
    This follows the DOM changes in whatwg/dom#566,
    and is part of fixing #3402.
    The normative changes are to the serialization algorithm, which now
    writes out the element's is value as its is="" attribute, if no actual
    is="" attribute is present. The rest of the changes are to introductory
    text about customized built-in elements.
    Tests: w3c/web-platform-tests#9508
Commits on Feb 12, 2018
  1. Use "child text content" to check if a <script> is empty

    domenic committed Feb 5, 2018
    This matches 2/4 implementations, and is simpler and integrates better
    with the rest of the algorithm.
    Closes #3419.
Commits on Feb 9, 2018
Commits on Feb 8, 2018
  1. Throw when OffscreenCanvas is not usable as image

    zakerinasab authored and domenic committed Feb 8, 2018
    This is a follow up for #3398, so that drawImage() when given a source
    image that is an OffscreenCanvas with either width or height of zero
    throws an "InvalidStateError" DOMException.
  2. Editorial: cleanup window.opener

    annevk authored and domenic committed Feb 8, 2018
    This feature has some outstanding issues and feature requests; see #323
    and #1826. But this editorial cleanup creates a more solid foundation
    for future work.
Commits on Feb 7, 2018
  1. Make crossOriginObject.then undefined for promises

    annevk authored and domenic committed Feb 7, 2018
    This allows promises to work better with cross-origin WindowProxy and Location objects.
    Fixes whatwg/dom#536.
Commits on Feb 5, 2018
  1. Clarify closePath() note

    annevk committed Feb 5, 2018
    Avoid mentioning moveTo() as there's no special behavior to it and rephrase things a bit.
    Fixes #344.
  2. Normalize the target attribute to a string

    annevk committed Feb 5, 2018
    This ends up fixing a bug as sometimes "The rules for choosing a browsing context" would be invoked with name being null rather than the empty string and would therefore not end up using the "_self" code path while it should.
  3. Fix StructuredDeserializeWithTransfer()

    annevk authored and domenic committed Feb 5, 2018
    97d644c was more breaking than planned as, e.g.,
    postMessage(null, "*", [new ArrayBuffer(2)])
    postMessage(null, "*", [new MessageChannel().port1])
    still need to detach (and visibly transfer in case of MessagePort) the values given in the third argument.
    See #793 (comment) for additional context.
  4. CanvasTransform is far from historical

    annevk authored and domenic committed Jan 29, 2018
    The plan in e988678 to give most things SVGMatrix (now DOMMatrix) as argument wasn't successful.
  5. Dev edition: hide IANA considerations

    annevk authored and domenic committed Jan 28, 2018
    Closes #1488.
Commits on Jan 31, 2018
  1. Align the title attribute with implementations

    annevk committed Jan 31, 2018
    This also makes the section conform to the 100 columns formatting requirement.
    Test: w3c/web-platform-tests#9306.
    Fixes #2743.
Commits on Jan 29, 2018
  1. Make createImageBitmap() share more logic

    annevk committed Jan 26, 2018
    In particular, with createPattern() and drawImage().
    Tests: w3c/web-platform-tests#9207.
    Fixes #3399.
Commits on Jan 28, 2018
  1. Make example match address's definition

    annevk committed Jan 28, 2018
    Fixes #2693.
  2. Cleanup Path2D constructor

    annevk committed Jan 28, 2018
    This reverts f635643 which added a constructor that did not get implemented. (Verified for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari by inspecting IDL.)
    It also changes the constructor signature slightly to more idiomatic IDL and makes various editorial improvements.
Commits on Jan 26, 2018
  1. Move exception up in createImageBitmap()

    annevk committed Jan 26, 2018
    The algorithm where it the rejected promise was returned could only return a bitmap.
    Also tidy up the dictionary member language a little bit.
  2. Correct putImageData() throwing condition

    annevk committed Jan 26, 2018
    ImageData's data does not have an [[Detached]] internal slot.
    (This makes it consistent with the description of createImageBitmap().)
  3. Simplify getContext() and make it throw less

    annevk committed Jan 26, 2018
    In practice getContext() only has two arguments. And in practice some
    handling of the second argument is shared across the various rendering
    context types. This aligns the standard with that practice.
    This also obviates the need for dedicated coercion algorithms for "2d"
    and "bitmaprender".
    This change also fixes various minor nits found along the way, such as
    the inconsistent spelling of contextId (was sometimes contextType).
    Tests: w3c/web-platform-tests#9194 and
    Fixes #595.
Commits on Jan 25, 2018
  1. Throw when <canvas> is not usable as image

    annevk committed Jan 24, 2018
    This algorithm is used by createPattern() for which Chrome, Edge (different exception), Firefox, and Safari all throw. It's also used by drawImage() for which Edge, Firefox, and Safari throw. Chrome is the odd one out there.
    This changed in 76782de and nobody picked it up then. That change also forgot to change the domintro boxes which still suggest throwing (and how I noticed this problem).
  2. Fix toBlob() and convertToBlob()

    annevk committed Jan 25, 2018
    In particular:
    * Neither method dealt properly with "serialization of a the bitmap as a file" returning null.
    * Neither method clearly indicated what had to happen synchronously (bitmap copy) and asynchronously (converting to a file).
    * toBlob() did not indicate the Realm of the new Blob object.
    * toBlob() invoked IDL's callback concept incorrectly.
    * convertToBlob() was weird with in parallel and queue a task.
    * convertToBlob() did not list a task source.
    Fixes #3386.
Commits on Jan 24, 2018
  1. Fix form inheritance behavior for autocapitalize

    rlanday authored and domenic committed Jan 24, 2018
    This creates a new category of form elements, autocapitalize-inheriting
    elements, which are a subset of form-associated elements. This new set
    is used to determine autocapitalization inheritance behavior, instead
    of only using input and textarea as was previously specified.
    This behavior matches WebKit and upcoming changes to Blink.
  2. Editorial: rewrite createImageBitmap()

    annevk committed Jan 24, 2018
    This puts shared steps outside the switch, creates a variable for the new ImageBitmap object and promise, no longer does "return, but continue", and fixes various other minor nits.
  3. Regression fix for document.all(undefined)

    foolip authored and domenic committed Jan 24, 2018
    This makes document.all(undefined) behave like
    document.all.item(undefined). The intent of
    0679448 was to be editorial, but it
    accidentally made these cases different.
    There was already a test for this, submitted at the same time as the
    supposed-editorial change:
  4. Editorial: less continue after returning

    annevk committed Jan 23, 2018
    This Fixes EventSource and WebSocket to follow a more accepted pattern for "in parallel".
    Fixes #692.