Commits on Jan 17, 2019
  1. Specify when style sheets no longer block scripts

    domfarolino authored and domenic committed Jan 17, 2019
    * Introduce new link loading infrastructure, specifically algorithms to
      fetch and process linked resources that are overridable by the
      individual link types. This replaces the previous "obtain the
      resource" algorithms with something more structured and rigorous.
    * Specify the order in which style sheets are removed, created/added,
      their corresponding load/error events are fired, and scripting is
      unblocked from a loading style sheet.
    * Replace "style sheet done" flag with Document's "script-blocking style
      sheet counter", which works in tandem with the "contributes a
      script-blocking style sheet" conditions, which replaces the definition
      of "a style sheet that is blocking scripts".
    * Change <link> load/fire events to be fired from tasks queued on the
      networking task source, instead of the DOM manipulation task source.
    * Handle much of what #3544 set out to do, minus defining and explicitly
      fetching a style sheet's critical subresources.
    Fixes #3610.
    Tests: web-platform-tests/wpt#14899
Commits on Jan 16, 2019
  1. Ground custom elements in agents

    annevk authored and domenic committed Jan 16, 2019
    The "unit of related similar-origin browsing contexts" concept is inaccurate.
    Helps with #4198.
  2. Editorial: use relevant agent for agent cluster definitions

    annevk authored and domenic committed Jan 16, 2019
    This also addresses a missing agent variable introduction.
  3. Expose window.External

    annevk committed Jan 16, 2019
    Hiding interface objects is no longer a thing the web platform does.
    Helps with heycam/webidl#430.
Commits on Jan 15, 2019
  1. Avoid CE reactions during fragment parsing

    domenic committed Jan 15, 2019
    Closes #4025.
    Also, as an editorial change, this unifies phrasing for when a parser
    was created as part of the HTML fragment parsing algorithm; as noted in
    #4290 (review), we
    had a lot of different slight variations.
  2. Add "relevant agent" and point out "surrounding agent"

    annevk committed Jan 15, 2019
    These would improve whatwg/dom#717 and #4204.
Commits on Jan 11, 2019
  1. Clone form data after dispatching the formdata event

    tkent-google authored and annevk committed Jan 11, 2019
Commits on Jan 8, 2019
  1. Regression fix: include WindowEventHandlers in Window

    jeremyroman authored and domenic committed Jan 8, 2019
    This line was accidentally deleted in c501dd8.
  2. Event-based form participation

    tkent-google authored and annevk committed Jan 8, 2019
    - Add formdata event and FormDataEvent interface
    - Fire it in "constructing the entry list" algorithm
    - Introduce "constructing entry list" flag of a form element to avoid recursive submission.
    Tests: web-platform-tests/wpt#14637.
    Change to XMLHttpRequest: whatwg/xhr#231.
    This fixes a part of w3c/webcomponents#187.
Commits on Jan 7, 2019
  1. Handle cross-origin "then" and friends at a later point

    annevk committed Jan 7, 2019
    This isn't strictly needed for @@toStringTag, @@hasInstance, and @@isConcatSpreadable, but "then" can be overridden and therefore cannot be handled earlier on. Handling them all at the same time leads to cleaner code.
    Tests: already tested by wpt.
    Fixes #4251.
Commits on Jan 5, 2019
  1. Add getContextAttributes() to CanvasRenderingContext2D

    yellowdoge authored and domenic committed Jan 5, 2019
    getContextAttributes() here behaves the same as it does for
    WebGLRenderingContext; see This
    was previously discussed in
    Closes #2563.
Commits on Jan 3, 2019
  1. Custom element reactions ought not to modify the node tree

    annevk committed Jan 3, 2019
    Supersedes and closes #4127. Closes w3c/webcomponents#760.
  2. Cross-origin WindowProxy's [[GetOwnProperty]] cannot return undefined

    annevk committed Jan 3, 2019
    Callers do not anticipate it returning undefined in this case and browsers already throw.
    Tests: will be added as part of
    Fixes #4252.
Commits on Dec 21, 2018
  1. Start an idle period more often

    rmcilroy authored and domenic committed Dec 21, 2018
    In particular, an idle period should start in the case where there are
    tasks, but they are all associated with non-fully-active documents.
    Fixes #4212.
Commits on Dec 19, 2018
  1. Serialize the children of void elements as the empty string

    Zirro authored and domenic committed Dec 19, 2018
    Fixes #4220, by making the algorithm consistent with the current
    implementations in Blink and WebKit, as well as the existing web
    platform tests. Now, innerHTML of void elements returns the empty string
    even in cases where child nodes are present.
    Tests (preexisting):
Commits on Dec 18, 2018
  1. Editorial: removing <img>.decoding domintro

    domenic committed Dec 18, 2018
    We do not generally include domintro descriptions for
    attribute-reflecting properties.
  2. Specify a navigated-to new document's URL

    jyasskin authored and domenic committed Dec 18, 2018
    The "URL that was originally to be fetched" isn't clear about which URL
    that actually was. This makes it clear that we use the request's current
    URL when available, or the response's URL when not.
    For javascript: URLs, this fixes them to match 2/3 browser behavior.
    6440cca regressed the algorithm by
    deleting the actual usage site of the address variable. This change
    reintroduces the use of address, although in a simpler way, by appending
    address to the request's URL list, instead of using the "override URL"
    concept which was removed.
    Fixes #3953.
    Closes #1565 by preserving the special case; discussions there and in indicate that
    the special case is more web-compatible.
    * web-platform-tests/wpt#14288
    * web-platform-tests/wpt#14316
  3. Editorial: use the s flag for matching ol/li's type attribute

    annevk authored and domenic committed Dec 18, 2018
    This is not a normative change, just a new, more layered, specification
    mechanism (using CSS instead of prose).
    Closes #4158.
  4. Enforce strict MIME type checks for worker-imported scripts

    mikewest authored and domenic committed Dec 18, 2018
    This addresses a portion of the proposal in #3255.
Commits on Dec 11, 2018
  1. Editorial: add crossorigin="" to list of common media attributes

    Garee authored and domenic committed Dec 11, 2018
    Although this attribute was in fact common to both <audio> and <video>,
    it was not listed as such alongside other such common attributes, which
    could be confusing. Fixes #4159.
  2. Editorial: update acknowledgments

    hober authored and annevk committed Dec 11, 2018
Commits on Dec 10, 2018
  1. Dev edition: improve the "Scripting" subsection

    domenic committed Dec 10, 2018
    This adds a domintro for the developer-facing import() and import.meta
    integrations, as well as cutting and including content more
    appropriately for the module, event loop, runtime script errors,
    unhandled promise rejections, and event handlers sections.
    #4183 (comment)
    discusses potential further improvements.
Commits on Nov 27, 2018
  1. WindowProxy and Location use ordinary internal methods by default

    annevk committed Nov 27, 2018
    Fixes #4189.
  2. Correct branching logic in choosing a browsing context

    annevk committed Nov 27, 2018
  3. Editorial: add a missing double quote

    annevk committed Nov 27, 2018
    Missed in 840e22f.
Commits on Nov 26, 2018
  1. Modify initialize document's CSP list to match changes in CSP

    andypaicu authored and annevk committed Nov 26, 2018
    See w3c/webappsec-csp#364 for more details.
  2. Fix reference to transfer[-receiving] steps

    littledan authored and annevk committed Nov 26, 2018
    Some previous copypasta in the definition of [Transferable] mentioned serialization instead of transfer in one place.
  3. rel=""'s values are unordered and unique

    annevk committed Nov 23, 2018
    Last usage of duplication was removed in 16485bf and isn't supported by the API. The order is also not significant ("stylesheet alternate" is fine).
    This codifies this in the semantics.
  4. Require UTF-8 for accept-charset

    annevk committed Nov 23, 2018
    Fixes #3097.
Commits on Nov 22, 2018
  1. Handle module resolution when there is no active script

    domenic committed Nov 22, 2018
    Closes #3295. This also fixes a related inaccurate assert in EnqueueJob,
    putting in guards for a null active script there as well and adding
    examples explaining the various scenarios.
Commits on Nov 20, 2018
  1. Treat CR, LF, CRLF the same for alert/confirm/prompt

    domenic committed Nov 20, 2018
    Fixes #4094.
    As an editorial change, this also introduces references to the new
    "newline normalization" primitive in Infra, and uses that where
    appropriate in the parsing and textarea parts of the spec.
  2. Remove parameter from "Report long tasks" call

    npm1 authored and domenic committed Nov 20, 2018
    This change aligns the HTML calls to "Report long tasks" with the recent
    change to Long Tasks in w3c/longtasks#50.
  3. Do not run FinishDynamicImport steps in parallel

    domenic committed Nov 20, 2018
    These steps do a variety of things that only make sense back on the main thread.
    The intention here was that fetching not block the main thread. However, that is
    already the case even without going in parallel, given the "async algorithm"
    framework of the script-fetching algorithms. (That framework is admittedly a bit
    unclear; see whatwg/infra#181.)
Commits on Nov 14, 2018
  1. Editorial: sentence-case “Escapable raw text elements”

    eeeps authored and domenic committed Nov 14, 2018
    Closes #3895.
  2. Clarify preserveDrawingBuffer + transferToImageBitmap()

    domenic committed Nov 9, 2018
    Closes #3628.