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To get everything running: 

1. download bottle and install it
2. download pyserial and install it
3. plug in the arduino to your laptop and upload the Arduino code
4. run the python script in terminal (python
5. enter in the localhost into the browser

This will pull up the web page that has the serial out from the arduino displayed. 
Add a potentiometer to A0 on the Arduino, or read in from a few inputs, and vis 
it all. Anything that you print from the Arduino code will be displayed in the browser.
Add graphs, or dots that move around! 

more deets: 

Uses to set up the local server reads in the arduino data, sends it through http.  bottle
converts python dicts into JSON. this script also feeds in the index.html

index.html - javascript to get the serial data and display it. 

simple_serial - the arduino script, just reads from one of the analog pins