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WhyEngineer ESP32 SNOW



  • CPU:Xtensa Dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor(s),up to 600 DMIPS
  • RAM:4MB(external)+520K(internal)
  • ROM:4MB(external)+448(internal)
  • WM8978:mclk from gpio0,48k 32bit 2channel
  • MPU6050:3-Axi accle and 3-Axi gyro
  • BQ24075:Li-ion Charge and power path manage
  • Expand all gpio

SoftWare Component:

  • a based bsp
  • a webserver framework(it's easy to use)
  • a websocket-server
  • mp3 deocde(helix and mad)
  • lightweight http client
  • a simple PI(D) algorithm to fuison accel and gyro to euler and quaternion

ftp-server(about sd card)



  • webradio
  • bluetooth audio
  • webcontrol
  • baidu_rest_api_rsa
  • ble gateway
  • 3d show and control


  1. git clone https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf.git
  2. git checkout release/v3.0
  3. git submodule init
  4. git submoudle update
  5. git clone https://github.com/whyengineer/esp32_snow.git
  6. cd esp32_snow/example
  7. chose a demo and compile,if failed you can try rm the build dir and build again.

Todo List:

  • a perfect project config(use make menuconfig)
  • apple home assistant
  • such as qplay protocol
  • other funning things.