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WikiHouse Project

WikiHouse is an open-source, collaborative R&D project to bring about a digital revolution in the way we make homes.

Popular repositories

  1. Microhouse Public archive

    A high-performance, one-bed house design

    299 66

  2. Wren Public

    An early version Wikihouse portal frame structural system for 1-3 storey buildings

    138 25

  3. Skylark Public

    The latest WikiHouse structural system, using standardised insulated blocks, for 1-3 storey buildings

    27 9

  4. Owl Public

    A CNC-manufactured internal door kit

    20 9

  5. StepUp Public

    Small, portable step unit for use during assembly of Wren chassis and throughout build.

    12 5

  6. Mallet Public

    A CNC-fabricated mallet for use during assembly of the Wren chassis

    10 6


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