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GDScript CLI

GDScript CLI implementation

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This project is a cli implementation of the GDScript.

GD Script is the language used in Godot Game Engine (more info about Godot here).


Some of the Godot Engine users know that the editor has a cli command to execute scripts outside the project (godot -s So, what is the purpose of this project?

Actually the built-in command doesn't execute any kind of script because the script must inherits from SceneTree or MainLoop.

This limitation makes it very difficult to run simple scripts and other kind of scripts that need to inherit from another class.

So, this project is a tool to execute simple and complex scripts, direct from cli (one line or small block scripts) or from script files.

Project Structure

This tool is implemented using built-in script command. I have some points to reuse the built-in command instead of writing a GDScript parser:

  1. I started this project using my spare time, so I'll take too long implementing a parser from scratch.

  2. I'm not the best C++ developer (I'm the worst actually), so I'll take too long trying to reuse gdscript C++ module.

  3. Since I don't have much time, my focus is on rapid implementation, not better (this doesn't mean the code is poorly written).

  4. The built-in command works fine for now :)

Main Goals

I said above that my focus is on rapid implementation, but why?

Godot Engine is becoming very popular and new users need an easy way to try GDScript while they are waiting for Godot 3.0.

Jokes aside. The main goal is run GDScript through a web server. It will ease snippet tests, especially for new users.

The other goal is run GDScript easily from cli, no need to create a new project just to test a simple script (GDScript as general-purpose language intensifies).