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Latest progwrp.dll (version This Supermium component sees enhancements and improvements from time to time, mostly for operating systems before Windows Vista.



An up-to-date Chromium-based web browser compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.x.

The Supermium web browser also provides the following features:

-Aero Glass and Aero Glass-style titlebars instead of Windows 10-style ones (#force-xp-theme in chrome://flags for the latter)

-Turnaround for major vulnerability patches generally less than one week from upstream disclosure

-A functional sandbox for enhanced security

-Google Sync

-On Windows 7 and up, Widevine CDM support for viewing DRM content

-GDI font rendering, using #force-gdi in chrome://flags

-Persistent dark mode on the browser's UI elements, using #force-dark-mode in chrome://flags

-Custom tab options including trapezoidal tabs, transparent tabs, and outlined tabs

-Many flags from ungoogled-chromium

-Support for SSE2-only processors in the 32 bit build

Future support for:

-Windows 2000

-Ungoogled Chromium features (in progress)

-WebGPU for D3D9 renderer

-Manifest V2 (once removed by Google)

...and more! If there's a feature you want, which cannot be replicated by a Manifest v2/v3 extension, please ask!