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Ruby Proxy

Ruby Proxy allows you to run your ruby codes in more than one ruby or jruby processes. With it We can use jruby's gems in ruby easily. In other word, using ruby's gems in jruby is aslo supported. It build on DRb libariy.


  • rvm ( with it we can change our ruby version easily )
  • Ruby rvm install ruby
  • JRuby rvm install jruby


I test it passed in ruby1.8.6p111 and jruby1.6.3( ruby-1.8.7-p330 )


unlike other gems, ruby-proxy installing is just more complex :) But also can be understood.
First, change your ruby envorment to default:
`rvm use x.x.x`
`gem install ruby-proxy`
Second, change to other ruby envorment that will be proxyed:
`rvm use jruby` ( jruby or other version )
`gem install ruby-proxy`


require 'rubygems'
require 'ruby_proxy'

# configure what version ruby will be proxyed
# if `RubyProxy::Config.autostart = true`, ruby proxy process will be start automation.
# you can change it, manual execute ` ruby_proxy_server ` to start ruby proxy.
RubyProxy::Config.command = '/home/windy/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.6.7/bin/ruby'

# loading gems

ATU.require 'sikuli'

a =,10)

# loading personal ruby file
# use `<<` method to add load_path to ruby proxy process
ATU << File.expand_file(File.dirname(__FILE__))

#ATU is default module name, it's inner code will be proxyed
ATU.require 'hello'
a =
puts a.say # output: hello

you can see simple files for more usages.

Running the test suite

  1. prepare your ruby and jruby . if you want use sikuli , install it.
  2. run all_tests.rb


Please DONOT upgrade to 0.2.x if you are using ruby proxy before.

It's API is changed more and more!

I just want give you the best code. Don't be panic.


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