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DO NOT MERGE – as a service.

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WIP bot screencast

By default, WIP is setting a pull request status to pending if it finds one of the following terms in the pull request titles

  • wip
  • work in progress
  • 🚧

The pro plan allows for configuration of both the terms and the locations that the app is looking for the terms. The pending status can be overwritten by adding @wip ready for review to the pull request body.

🤖📯 If you use the WIP app we strongly recommend to subscribe to the updates


Repositories belonging to an account or organization with a Pro plan subscription can be configured by creating a .github/wip.yml file:

  1. In the repository you want the configuration to be applied in or
  2. In a repository with the name .github to apply the configuration to all repositories.

Two options can be configured

  1. locations: any of title (pull request title), label_name and commit_subject (1st line of the pull request’s commit messages). Default: title
  2. terms: list of strings to look for in the defined locations. All terms are case-insensitive. Default: "wip", "work in progress" and "🚧"


  - title
  - label_name
  - commit_subject
  - do not merge

The above configuration makes WIP look for "do not merge" and "" in the pull request title, all assigned label names and all commit subjects.

You can also configure different terms for different locations:

- terms: 
    - title
    - label_name
- terms:
    - fixup!
    - squash!
  locations: commit_subject

The above configuration looks first for in the pull request title and assigned label names. After that it looks for fixup! and squash! in the commit subjects.

A Note About Term Matching:
Terms which contain only non-word characters as defined by JS RegExp [^a-za-z0-9_] are matched regardless of word boundaries. Any other terms (which may contain a mix of word and non-word characters will only match when surrounded by start/end OR non-word characters.

About WIP

Besides being a hopefully useful GitHub application, the WIP app is also meant as a reference implementation of a GitHub app built with Probot (source code). I try to keep the complexity low and the code easy to follow. If you are thinking of creating your own GitHub app, the WIP might be a good starting point for you.

Besides the code, I also made our policies good templates for your app.

The WIP is deployed as serverless application to Vercel. The logs are drained to Logflare, which also provides the data source for the dashboard you see on

All revenue from the "pro" plan will be donated to Processing | p5.js – one of the most diverse and impactful Open Source community there is. I only added the paid plan to make the WIP a real-life GitHub App example. If you cannot pay but depend on the pro features you can add your account with an explanation to the pro-plan-for-free.js file.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to create an issue.


The WIP app was created by Gregor Martynus. You can follow him on twitter at @gr2m.

The logo was created by Micah Ilbery.


License: Apache 2.0. Privacy Policy. Security Policy. Code of Conduct