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Wire Swiss GmbH

Wire open source secure messenger


Wire is an encrypted communication and collaboration platform, based on edge computing and zero trust architecture. Read more about the company and the open source code. Also, ➡️ we are hiring ⬅️.


  1. wire Public

    〰️ Overview of the open source code for Wire

    2.3k 177

  2. wire-ios Public

    📱 Wire for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    Swift 3.2k 569

  3. ☎️ Wire for Android

    Scala 2.6k 499

  4. wire-webapp Public

    👽 Wire for web

    TypeScript 1.1k 296

  5. 💻 Wire for desktop

    TypeScript 1k 242

  6. wire-server Public

    🇪🇺 Wire back-end services

    Haskell 2.5k 346


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